by Isaac Davis

July 22, 2015
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Slavery never truly ended, it merely transformed itself.


Once, we had horrors like the Dutch slave trade, and now we have the horrors of global debt slavery.


As more nations like Greece collapse under the weight of debt obligations to the international banking cartel, and as more of the world's people are forced into austerity and suffering in order to appease the richest people in the world, it will become ever more clear that the global system of debt slavery is finally collapsing.


At some point in our evolution, human beings developed the fear of death and the fear of future loss, traits that animals do not share.


When used against us, these arguably irrational fears make us highly exploitable, and as such, humans have long been the most valuable resource on the planet, capable of the most extraordinary achievements, all too often receiving the most inhumane treatment.


Originally, slavery was gruesome, brutal and quite direct, but it has evolved over the last number of centuries to include more sophisticated and cunning means of caging people.


More like a psyop than a plantation now, management of today's human farm is accomplished by setting boundaries, continuously over-stimulating fears and fantasies, rewarding high-productivity, and violently punishing divergence.

"Human society cannot be rationally understood until it is seen for what it is. A series of farms where human farmers own human livestock."

Stefan Molyneux

We are born into a cage that has been under construction for generations.


It's foundation is the institution of government, the state, which uses economics and violence as the primary tools to manage the world's people as though they were livestock. Human farms with human livestock managed by selected humans who act as farmers in charge of overseeing the highest possible yield.


In order to keep us in line and productive, we are indoctrinated to believe in the authority and necessity of the state. Then we are taught how to be competitive and divisive, learning to see our peers and colleagues as rivals. After that we are hammered with fear programming our entire lives, constantly being told when to hunker down and when to duck and run.


Given a comfortable enough box to live in, we are indeed quite productive, and so we are offered the blue pill, the grand illusion of freedom. When happy, we produce more, and when we produce more we are rewarded with more money, which affords improvements to the cage and embellishments in lifestyle. 


The freedoms that the state permits us are there to give us just enough room in pasture to acquiesce easily enough to a caged life.





The Story of Your Enslavement


Human farming is at the root of the power and control structures in our world.


We the people feed the machine whatever it needs, and if we try to break out we are quickly rounded up and put back in amongst the herd.


Few explain how this works better than internet philosopher and anarchist Stefan Molyneux, who succinctly explains the concept of human farming in this excellent short video:

"Wake up. To see the farm is to leave it."

Stefan Molyneux