by V. Susan Ferguson

March 11, 2016
from WakingTimes Website


V. Susan Ferguson is the author of 

Inanna Returns, Inanna Hyper-Luminal;

her own commentary on the Bhagavad Gita and the Shiva Sutras; and Colony Earth & the Rig Veda.

Her website is Metaphysical Musing.








The cosmic energies in the electromagnetic spectrum that we've termed cosmic rays, gamma rays, etc., are constantly drenching earth, bombarding us with their frequencies of energy and entering into our bodies and consciousness.


Here within us, they are transformed and metaphorically 'sacrificed' through the subtle mechanisms of our seven Chakras.


This transformation feeds and fuels the projections of 'appearances' that are consequently generated as holographic realities for us to enjoy and experience on the earth plane.

Geoengineering of the earth's ionosphere, blasting holes in it, and scattering tons of toxic metals into our atmosphere has horribly skewed our environment and caused a catastrophic state of earthly disharmony.


This once perfect and delicately subtle nurturing relationship between cosmic ray waveform frequencies, which feed all life on our planet, and the primordial Cosmic Fire (Agni) and the human Chakra system is now being disrupted on an industrial scale.

What is now being received from interstellar space, the vast heavens, and digested by most humans on planet Earth is no longer what was originally intended for us. Nature exists and functions within the sacred harmonies of the eternal, traditional, metaphysical principles that are the substratum of the apparent universe.


Tampering with this transmission, the Cosmic Fire, will bring inevitable catastrophe.

Disconnected as we are now from the once pure nourishing mother's 'milk' of the cosmic rays, which is our sacred 'cosmic food', all of mankind is slowly going mad, running blindly towards omnicide and the inevitable collapse of the biosphere.

From my research in Rig Veda and the available textbooks on the ionosphere and plasma physics, such as 'Kinetic Theory of the Inner Magnetospheric Plasma' by Dr. George V. Khazanov, and other texts, I've come to appreciate and deeply revere the awesome and subtle connection between cosmic energy and consciousness


No wonder the ancient Rishis worshipped cosmic and cosmogonic principles that were later interpreted as deities, the gods.


The study of infinitely intricate complex mosaics, of conglomerates and labyrinthine tangles of interconnected wave-particles moving, dancing and pushing up against each other via temperature and velocity, is in my view, a perfect representation of God's Infinite Mystery, the eternal creation in motion.


Taking only one example, Dr. Khazanov of the Goddard Space Flight Center, the Heliophysics Science Division, describes in 'Collisions with Superthermal Electrons' [4.4.2] the transforming of 'suprathermal' electrons to 'thermal' electrons relating to the discussion of the electron component in near-earth plasma:

"Basic processes of the electron formation in the ionosphere are the ionization of neutral components of the upper atmosphere by solar radiation [solar wind, etc.]…


The excess energy from the ionization process goes to ion excitation and enters into the ionospheric plasma in the form of kinetic energy of the produced electron reaching values of hundreds of electron volts…


The newly born suprathermal electrons experience a series of elastic as well as inelastic collisions with the ionospheric particles and finally transform them into thermal electrons with energies of the order of tens of percent of electron volts."

Khazanov 1979

The above is only one description of the magnificent mysterious actions taking place within our near-Earth plasma, and these exchanges of energy are occurring all around us every moment, even though most remain unaware of such illusive divine wizardry. 


Khazanov admits,

"The extremely complicated structure of the kinetic equation for electrons precludes one from finding its solution not only by analytical methods, but even numerically.


It is thus necessary for the analysis to make certain simplifying assumptions…"




Therefore as a basic simplification, he has given mathematical functions to suprathermal and thermal electrons in the near-Earth space plasma.



"Collisions cause energy losses of suprathermal electrons and their slow transition into the regions of lower energy. This process of energy losses or thermalization ends up transforming suprathermal electrons into thermal electrons."

Khazanov's statement expressing the processes of plasma physic reminds me of Rene Guenon's discussions regarding the 'solidification of matter' as the Cycles of Time descend into further density.


Matter tends to degrade and eventually dissolve.


Surely there are a few of these plasma physics mathematical wizards who are in complete reverential awe of the Creator, as I am.

  • Why have their theories, discoveries, and intricately complex equations been turned to such appalling destructive use and terrifying weaponry?


  • Why is this technology being used to destroy?

Plasma physics is the new priestcraft of our era and these men are its priests.


Our current Kali Yuga is in dissolution mode. In the ancient Rig Veda, there is one Sanskrit word RODASI for heaven and earth in the Rig Veda. The Seers knew that heaven and earth are inseparable.


They "saw" the Truth, SATYA.


The ancient Rishis understood the life-giving relationship, the sacred inter-connection, and essential inter-dependency between man on earth and the cosmos, meaning the spectrum of energies wandering, flying through, traversing heaven's innumerable galaxies.


The following verse illuminates the mechanics of this Cosmic Law:


Rig Veda VIII.30.2

The thirty-three modes of cosmic energy are lauded and praised here on earth, yet in space they are deadly. Here on earth they are sacrificed, transformed for our benefit into the transmission of light waves that flow through the sense faculties.





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