by ThunderboltsProject
March 5, 2012

from YouTube Website



Electric universe proponent David Talbott takes up the Comet Elenin question from a vantage point generally ignored by both the scientific mainstream and the Internet popularizers of Doomsday speculations.


What is the relationship of Elenin's catastrophic demise to the larger, unsolved mystery of explosive comet disintegration? For a first look at the larger context, see "Seeking the Third Story".

For context, this 16-minute presentation is just a small part of the forthcoming Episode 3 of the "Alien Sky" series. The punchline to keep in mind is the full episode title: "The Great Comet Venus." (read the original 1997 article The Great Comet Venus)


Our subject is broader than any sweeping surprises about comets.


A PLANET once appeared in the sky as a stupendous comet - for this conclusion the factual evidence, gathered over decades, is definitive. But to see the full implications, it is essential that one consider a large number of facts almost entirely ignored in recent years.


Comets are not what we've been taught, and it is the electric implications that remove each and every 20th century objection to the idea of a comet-like PLANET in relatively recent times.