29. The Akashic Records

I believe the fabled akashic records are part of a medium that permeates all dimensions, on all levels, and has many different aspects.


They are a permanent record of every thought, perception, and event that has ever occurred, like a huge and infinitely detailed history book, where past events can be accessed, viewed, and even experienced firsthand.


The akashic records can be accessed and experienced within the astral planes (during OBEs) or with clairvoyance, remote viewing, and other psychic abilities.



Fig. 33.

Traditional akashic records library scenario


The akashic records also contain probability energies that are records of the future.


Probability energies stem from and are generated by past and present events, actions, and thoughts. These energies can be tuned in to and read, visually or otherwise, in many different ways, both in and out of the astral planes, but the akashic records are far more accessible as a searchable type of records structure from within the astral planes, where they can be searched, viewed, and experienced firsthand, even by unskilled projectors.

Like the astral hospital, the akashic records are an energetic dimensional structure with no actual shape or form.


The appearance of this structure is affected by projectors' angles of perception, belief systems, and creative abilities. Projectors' needs for a definite and well-known structure within which to work have created a fairly solid library-like astral structure, which has been added to and maintained over many years.

The most popular structure is the traditional library scenario. Imagine a large and imposing white stone building, beautifully kept, with wide marble steps leading through several large stone pillars that mark the main entrance. This building is set well back among neatly kept lawns and gardens. Inside is a large main foyer with high ceilings. Several hallways lead off from this into different parts of the library.


Sometimes a librarian will meet projectors and may guide them to the part of the library they wish to use.


If not - which is more often the case - projectors must use their intuition to choose a hallway and move down it to a section of the records. If they feel nothing and all the hallways look and feel alike, they must guess.


While guessing, projectors must hold their area of interest or query firmly in mind. The chosen hallway opens into a larger room full of books and scrolls. Even computer terminals can be found and used there these days.


An item must then be selected for viewing and, once again, it is important the query be kept firmly in mind at all times.


Projecting to Akashic Records

  • Direct Projection: The sooner you project to the akashic records after your exit, the better, as projection time is always limited.


    After the exit out of body, move at least twenty feet away from the physical body and stop. Imagine the library scenario strongly. Hold the intention of visiting the akashic records firmly in mind. Feel yourself moving toward the imagined destination and feel it moving toward you.

    Alternatively, project into the astral planes in the usual way, while holding the intention of finding the akashic records firmly in mind. Either method can take you there.


    You will suddenly find yourself standing on the grassy lawn in front of the library building after the dimensional shift.

  • Using Entrance Structures: If, after the dimensional shift, you find yourself hovering above an astral-plane entrance structure (see chapter 26), dive into it and penetrate the central part of the pattern as close as you can to dead center.


    This will take you to the highest realm your energetic value can attain within that astral plane. As you plunge through the centerpiece, hold the intention of seeking the akashic records firmly in mind and picture the traditional library scenario.


    You should find yourself there shortly after the transition through the surface. If you are using an astral tube-type entrance structure, hold the intention of finding the akashic records firmly in mind as you are Shooting up the tube. Either use your intuition to select an exit, or wait for a mind's-eye vision flash that shows something resembling a library-like structure.


    Alternatively, just keep this in mind and wait until the tube drops you somewhere. Hopefully, this will be at or near the akashic records.

  • Instantaneous Travel Method: After the exit out of body, strongly imagine or visualize the library scenario. Hold this as clearly as you can and project there, using the instantaneous travel method (see chapter 25). Feel yourself moving toward your destination and feel yourself as being there.

  • Creating a Door: Another good way of entering the akashic records is to use your creative ability to create an imposing door. This is much easier to do than it sounds; even a novice can do it.


    After projecting out of body, strongly image a heavy iron- studded door with massive hinges. Construct it in your mind and imagine it slowly appearing before you as you construct it from the memory of a similar door you have seen in the past. If you can, create a heavy brass sign on it that says "Akashic Records".


    Hold your intention of finding the grass lawn-fronted library steps beyond the door. If you concentrate your creative energies, this door will slowly appear in front of you, as if by magic. When you can see the door clearly, simply open it and you will usually find the traditional library scenario just beyond it.


    If you cannot touch or open this door, use your creative ability, imagine it opening, feel it opening, or pass through the door itself as you would pass through any other door or wall.


Entering an Anomaly

Another way is to enter an anomaly. Look for a false or misplaced door in your house. Hold the intention of finding the library scenario on the other side as you pass through it.


If you find a corridor of some kind with more doors behind the first anomalous door, enter one of the new doors while still holding the intention of finding the akashic records beyond it.


Repeat this process, entering anomalous doors each time you find one, until behind one of them you find the library scenario you are searching for.

  • Virtual Records: You can also use virtual reality projection (VRP) to gain access to the akashic records from within the real-time zone (see chapter 24).


    Use a picture of an imposing building, similar to the one described above, or get a picture of a real library or take one yourself, as the mental association this will cause may also help this process. Hang this picture on a wall in your room, or as per other VRP methods. Write the words "Akashic Records" on the building in the picture, just over the doorway.


    After the real-time exit, move toward and through this picture and you will usually find yourself at or near a semblance of the akashic records.


    This picture can also be reflected into a mirror, as per the VRP mirror technique, for added depth and realism. If using a mirror, write the words "Akashic Records" backward, or write them on a piece of clear plastic, then reverse it and tape it to the picture, so the words will read normally when reflected in the mirror.


    Using the VRP method, as you shift into the picture or mirror, hold a firm intention in mind of your desire to visit the akashic records. This should be enough to shift you into the real akashic records.


    Once there, proceed to enter the building as normal, and consider yourself as being in the real akashic records.



Viewing Records

Once you arrive at the akashic records library building, by whatever method, enter the building and expect to find inside exactly what you are looking for.


As you climb the steps and enter the building, firmly hold in mind whether you are going to look at past or future events. When you get to the records room, you may find books, scrolls, or pictures on walls, shelves, desks, or tables, or even computer terminals. Alternatively you may find yourself transported to a mysterious cloudy world, as often happens to me, filled with strange symbols and living metaphorical imagery.


If you use the traditional library-building method, you will most probably find books. However, these will be quite unlike normal books. Inside record books, you will see titles, pictures, images, and symbols. It usually doesn't matter which book you pick up. It matters more what your intention is when you select and open a book.


You will usually see moving images and living pictures within it.


Concentrate on one of these images and allow it to fill your mind, which will happen automatically if you stare at it. This will usually move you inside the page where you can experience an akashic vision - a record - firsthand.

To return to the library from within a book/vision and start over, imagine and feel for the library scene you just left and you will be transported back to it. In most cases, once a record has been experienced, projectors automatically slip back into the records room as it finishes, or when they have seen enough, simply by wishing for it.

Whatever method used, hold a firm intention in mind of the time period required: past, present, or future.


Future events seen in akashic records are strong probabilities. They are not to be thought of as being completely unchangeable destiny. The keys to changes that could be made to affect future events will be symbolically or metaphorically represented as a part of the event being viewed. These potentially modifying elements may be subtle and can be quite difficult to recognize, but they will always be there.


Unfortunately, these elements are usually apparent for what they are only in hindsight.


Tuning in to Areas of Interest

If you tune in to the akashic records without a, definite subject in mind, you will usually find yourself viewing one of two general subject areas:

  1. Disasters: Wars, earthquakes, airline crashes, floods, fires, train wrecks, mass murder, assassinations, death and destruction, etc. Disasters have a far greater energy surrounding them than any other type of event, because of the dramatic effect they have on the lives of so many people. The energy surrounding these records makes them stand way out above everything else. In a way, they bubble to the surface where they are much easier to see.

  2. Personal: The events surrounding your own life, property, and interests, and the lives of all those connected with you - past, present, and future - are also very strong. As with disasters, high-energy events will stand well out from the more mundane events.

If you look into the general future, into the area of probabilities, you often experience a confusing maelstrom of symbolism and complex, multilayered metaphorical imagery mixed up with apparently real-life events.


This can be very confusing at times, but a great deal can be gleaned from this, if you understand something of the underlying nature of the energetically generated metaphorical imagery you are dealing with.


Metaphorical Imagery

As poetry, art, and music are the twin languages of the soul, so symbolism and metaphorical imagery are the languages of the spirit above the base level of consciousness.


At higher levels of consciousness, the thoughts and words used by the base level of consciousness become progressively redundant. Communications and perceptions always match the altered level of consciousness being experienced.

My experience with higher levels of consciousness, through high-level meditation and projection, has shown me that the further I move away from my base level of consciousness, the more abstract and complex perception and communication become. At higher levels, perceptions, thoughts, and communications become progressively more abstract and compressed.

Living, abstract metaphorical imagery is the universal language of spirit above and beyond the base level of consciousness. This is a highly compressed form of perception-based communication, where a great deal of information is packed into high-speed, multilayered telepathic interchanges, with emotional and intuitive overlays. The end result is living, abstract metaphorical imagery. The higher the dimensional level experienced, the more abstractly simplified this becomes.

I say simplified, because this factor, in essence, reduces a book-length saga into a simple picture or vision that only appears to be simple on the surface. The reason it appears so simple, I think, is because much detail is lost in the translation, from high-level format to base-level format, when it is recorded as a memory by the physical brain.

When the base level of consciousness receives any form of perception or communication from a higher dimensional level, or higher level of consciousness, it interprets this in the only way it can, at the base level of consciousness, in base-level format.


Complex energetic impressions and communications are thus interpreted and rendered into anything from simple pictures and abstract symbols, to living metaphorical imagery. Instead of words, sentences, and paragraphs, the end result is something like a selection of abstract art pieces appearing amidst a series of brief one-act plays, where every item, costume, word, action, and gesture has deep meaning to it.

When projectors' consciousness shifts into higher dimensional levels, they take with them their base level of consciousness and understanding. This base level of understanding overrides higher levels of perception and communication natural to higher levels, which means that perceptions and communications received there cannot be completely understood.


The base level is only capable of fully understanding base-level perceptions and communications natural to it in the physical dimension, at its normal level of waking consciousness.

I know of no way to directly overcome this. Even if a raised state of consciousness is incorporated into a projection, eventually everything has to be downloaded, interpreted, and stored in base-level format by the physical brain as a normal memory. This factor alone, I suspect, is responsible for the extremely heavy loss of details and meaning common to any projection above the real-time zone.


(The only exception is with spirit communications. Spirit beings can deliberately couch their communications at the base level of understandability, to communicate with projectors or people in the physical dimension. Any higher-level perceptions or communications that are not immediately understandable, therefore, are unlikely to be intentional communications from an intelligent spirit being.)

This problem of interpretation particularly applies to information gleaned from the akashic records.


The natural levels of perception and communication within the astral planes and akashic records are not completely understandable at the base level of consciousness, because information gleaned from the akashic records must be interpreted at the base level of consciousness, by the human mind and its physical storage medium, the brain.


Information gained from higher sources is interpreted into something the brain believes it most closely resembles. This causes the brain to interpret high-level energetic perceptions into metaphorical abstracts, into pictures and images that most closely resemble the raw and compressed essence and meaning of what is received.


Unfortunately, the end product, the memory, may appear not to make sense.

(As a related side note, this line of thought suggests that ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and other ancient symbolic pictorial languages may be a high level of written communication, rather than the simple picture languages of low-level civilizations that they appear to be.)


Associations and Predictions

We all perceive and experience the akashic records differently, according to our energetic angle of perception and learned mental associations. The energy units representing each recorded event are stored in compressed energetic format natural to that level.


When records are viewed and interpreted, they are seen as a type of in-astral mind's-eye vision experience, with overlays of emotional and intuitive impressions. How this energy affects the mind's eye of projectors depends not only on their angle of perception, but also on how their subconscious mind works.

Subconscious mental associations appear to be affected by ancient symbolism embedded within the collective consciousness, even though it may appear on the surface to be contemporary mind's-eye imagery.


This historical symbolism can be used to index the akashic records. For example, the reference symbol Dogs of War is easily understandable as representing the subject of war.


The Grim Reaper is a symbol representing the subject of death. Thus, to find "war" in the akashic symbolic index, you might use the combined symbols of the Grim Reaper and Dogs of War, or other symbolic variations. You could then browse through past, present, and future wars, and related areas. Future wars are Great Big Disasters and carry a lot more energy than any other type of human-precipitated event.


These are, therefore, much easier to tune in to, and thus usually appear first if you are searching within or near that subject area.

This is the main reason, I think, why many prophets, psychics and remote viewers have made such doom-and-gloom predictions about the future of the world and mankind.


They have accessed the akashic records either in or out of body, and have seen a stream of terrible disasters looming ahead in the near future.


An Experience of the Akashic Records

When it comes to indexing, viewing, and deciphering past and future world events, some knowledge of history, geography, ancient symbolism, current affairs, and world leaders is a definite help.


If when I had the following vision I had been able to recognize the person I saw addressing the crowd, and had recognized the landmarks of the country, I could have accurately predicted an important future event - instead of being wise only in hindsight.

After completing some experimental energy work on my brow center during a deep-trance session, I projected out of my body, passed through a brief tunnel of starlight, and held a strong intention in my mind that I wanted the Akashic Records.

At one point I experienced a soundless flash of silver-white light in my mind's eye and a momentary feeling of something like concussion in my face, blinding my perceptions for a moment. This was my brow center strobing back in my physical/etheric body (see chapter 14). My brow center had strobed several times in the past hour, but this was the first time it had ever happened during a projection.

When my perceptions stabilized I found myself under a flickering purple-indigo sky, knee-deep in clinging mist. It billowed all around me, forming strange misty sculptures in the air.


Each of these collapsed back into the misty soup after only a few moments of life. It wasn't long before I realized that if I held or pushed a thought into the mist a shape erupted, somehow representing the thought. The longer I held this thought, the more detailed and alive-looking the shape became, filling with color and movement.


Concentrating, I focused on future disasters and the mist boiled upward, humming and flashing into a sea of multicolored sparks.

As the mist engulfed me, I began seeing on several levels at once. I was bombarded with glimpses of wars, earthquakes, famine, volcanoes, disease, floods, plane crashes, murders, and explosions. Visions of multitudes of people suffering and dying filled my mind and I felt their terrible pain and anguish. It was nauseatingly confusing, not to mention thoroughly depressing.


These visions seemed connected with the strange mist. I felt connected with these clouds like they were a living part of me, but everything seemed horribly mixed up. It was like trying to watch several TV channels at the same time, with the pictures superimposed. Very confusing. I cleared my mind and the onslaught of impressions slowed. This was very tricky, as I carefully focused more clearly and calmly on my original intention.


The clouds boiled and hummed around me again, but much less chaotically.

Deep in the clouds, hundreds of vague shapes and symbols sprouted in the field of mist around me. They flickered in and out, some clearer than others, but they kept their distance and individuality this time. I saw one piece of symbolism I recognized, The Grim Reaper, and fixed my attention on it. This quickly grew larger and more solid than the others. I floated toward it and focused on it, holding the thought of war in the back of my mind.


The Grim Reaper suddenly stood up, larger than life and walked toward me - as my astral heart skipped several beats. He suddenly looked very real and threatening.

The clouds darkened and the atmosphere turned sinister, filling with the clammy stench of death and decay. The Grim Reaper threw back his ugly head and laughed, roaring evilly, raising and shaking his scythe threateningly at me.


In his other hand he now held a bunch of cords, which were holding several evil-looking dogs that suddenly appeared beside him. They were huge, heavy-chested, narrow-hipped, short-haired, dirty-yellow brutes with oversized snarling jaws and burning red eyes.


Their sheer aggression and bloodlust was terrifying. They strained and bayed and dragged the laughing Grim Reaper toward me. These dogs appeared to be the infamous Dogs of War (another symbol come alive). I concentrated on the scene and felt myself beginning to shift again. The Grim Reaper released the terrifying dogs right in front of my face and they leapt straight at me as I shifted (most thankfully) into a spectacularly clear vision.

I found myself floating above a strange city under a clear-blue sky in brilliant, cloudless sunlight. The baking sun burned through me and the air filled with pungent aromas I did not recognize. A couple of hundred feet below me, a dark-haired, swarthy, heavily built, mustached and uniformed man stood on a raised dais under two giant scimitars. I flew down to get a better look, coming to rest hovering about fifty feet above and in front of him.


The swords were huge, looking to be about forty feet or more high. He was giving a charismatic speech and exhorting an enormous crowd of people in an unrecognizable language. I had never seen a crowd so large, there seemed to be millions of people here. They were dressed in robes and turbans, some looking like old rags. The crowd cheered wildly whenever the speaker made a point or stopped for breath.

As I watched, one of the swords slowly changed into a large, two-handed Crusader-type broadsword with a golden crucifix engraved on the blade near the giant crosspiece and hilt.


The scene continued for several minutes then faded as I willed myself to return to the cloudy akashic records structure I had just come from. I returned instead to my still-entranced physical body. I had been out of my body for almost twenty minutes.

The man giving the speech, I now know, was Saddam Hussein.


The scene was in Baghdad, at the Iraqi monument to the unknown soldier. This monument was, I believe, built to honor the dead of the Iran-Iraq War. I saw this future vision seven months before the Gulf War started.


I did not learn who Saddam Hussein was until the Gulf War started, or where this scene would take place - until I saw my vision televised during the Gulf War. In real life, there are two giant scimitars affixed to this monument. The changing sword (from a scimitar to a crusader's sword) was morphing symbolic imagery, indicating a future probability.


The crossed swords were also an easily recognizable symbol, representing the probability of a coming military conflict between East and West.

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