Ley Lines and The Meaning Of Adam

by Richard Leviton and Robert Coons



About the Author

Richard Leviton is the author of Joseph's Seed, the first volume of a trilogy about the relations between mythology, the megalithic landscape, and transformations in consciousness - under the general title of Looking for Arthur. He is also author of Fraser's Angel, a visionary tale about the adventures of a young boy travelling in the angelic realms. Both titles are published in 1987.


Since early 1984 Leviton has lived in Somerset, England, where he has researched firsthand the subjects of geomancy and geomythics. He is also Contributing Editor for East West magazine in Boston, Massachusetts.


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"As Above, So Below"

 - Hermes Trismegistos


Hermes' Geomancy

Looming behind all concepts of the planetary Grid stands the ancient magus, Hermes Trismegistos, Thrice-Greatest Master Geomancer of Earth, with his Smagdarine Emerald Tablets, the keys to Gaia's (Earth's) energy body.


That same master Grid engineer, the Gods' messenger for Earth, later passed the flame of his mastery, for our time, to the Archangel Michael with his solar initiatory sword. Michael, say the Hebrews, is the Keeper of the Secrets of the Relations between Heaven and Earth - the nurturing bond of geomancy. The message of both Hermes and Michael to us today as neophyte Grid engineers is this: The Grid is the paramount spiritual phenomenon of Earth.

Our Ariadne's thread out of this bewildering maze of physical life on Earth is the ley line. The rediscovery of ley lines in this century is only a fragment, however, of the eventual unveiling of the secrets of Nature. Ley lines are the luminous strands that many are pulling at today, hardly suspecting what riches lie at the end of these subtle light lines. All ley lines lead to the planetary Grid, the primary light and energy matrix, creating, enveloping, and maintaining planet Earth, our Gaia.

The Grid has been variously described by poets and clairvoyants in recent times.

  • Ley lines are "the radial threads on a spider's web." 1

  • Ley lines form the "focal points in a vast multilayered cobweb somewhat reminiscent of a micrograph of nerve cells and their ganglia" as "the circulation and nervous system of the body of earth." 2

  • The Grid is "a geometrically precise web" punctuated with "Grids of Light, focal points," a "receptor web complex with nexi of entrance." 3

  • The British novelist Doris Lessing writes intimately of the Grid as "the enclosing web of subtle light (that) touched the earth globe...All over the globe ran these pulses or lines" which make "a colored spinning membrane" and "a great web of patterning oscillations and quiverings." 4

A personal acquaintance of mine in England summed it up lucidly:

"I saw the Earth as a fishnet web of light lines. My body was the same, and there were lines of light radiating from the intersections of the planet's surface to link with the web network surrounding other planets."

The Hermetic Keys to the planetary Grid are inscribed on the Messenger's mythical Emerald Tablets, which summarize the 7 Hermetic Principles underlying all manifestation. These are the keys to Hermes' Geomancy:

  1. The Principle of Mentalism (The Universe is Mental, the All is Infinite Mind, which is the fundamental reality and the womb of all universes).

  2. The Principle of Correspondence (Whatever is Below is like unto that which is Above, and whatever is Above is like that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of The One).

  3. The Principle of Vibration (Nothing rests; everything moves and vibrates).

  4. The Principle of Polarity (Everything is dual, has poles, and pairs of opposites).

  5. The Principle of Rhythm (Everything has its tides, its rise and fall, its equal pendulum swings to the right and left, its peaks and troughs).

  6. The Principle of Causation (Every effect has its Cause, every Cause has its Effect, all proceeding by Law, never by chance).

  7. The Principle of Gender (Everything has its "masculine" and "feminine" aspects).5

Experiential knowledge of Hermes' principles through meditative interfacing with the Earth Grid leads us into the secrets of geomancy.


The Grid is not something out there , away from us, safely, abstractly separate from our daily lives. Our molecular bodies and human consciousness as we walk on Earth live within the Grid. The Grid is like a unified tuning fork vibrating with our Light/Life/Electromagnetic spectrum for Earth as we receive it daily from our specific Star Evolution paradigm, the Sun, the astrophysical center of our local solar system Grid. Our King Sun is an evolving star, and our lives as humans on Earth are breathed within the Grid-mediated parameters of "His" body, our familiar solar system.

The Grid is the forgotten nexus between humankind, as embodied, Earth-walking consciousness, and the starry heavens. The Grid is the spiritual link for the blending of cosmic and terrestrial energies in the consciousness experiment known as Humanity; it is the pervasive means for the harmonious fusion of the energies of the solar system in human consciousness.

The Grid actually predates physical Earth and is more like Mother Gaia's exterior skeletal energy structure, her prototypal design and predetermined matrix of energy and light from which her physical body was manifested. Our relations as embodied humans with the Star Evolution we call the Sun is mediated through the Grid enveloping Earth.

The key word here is homologous. The human body is conical, rectangular, while the Earth's body is spherical; yet Hermes speaks truthfully when he says, As Above, So Below. What exists in Heaven is embodied on Earth and in the Human but in specific manners appropriate to the morphology. This is the meaning of "equal Logos" (homo-logous), i.e., the same Word. Just as the human has an intricate subway system of acupuncture meridians, carrying ch'i, the life force, so has the Earth a myriad web-like matrix of ley lines and focal points,

Geomancy and somamancy are two more pivotal Grid-explicating words. Geomancy initially means "divination of the Earth's secrets" (From the Greek, Gaia-mantos), but after a meditative experience with the planetary Grid, the word emerges for us into its larger meaning as "divinization of the Earth," because positive, loving human consciousness interfacing with the Heaven-bestowed Grid completes its intended divinization process. Somamancy (Greek: body-mantos) is the equivalent word operating in the human dimension.


As we breathe meditatively with Love from Above, which is the fundamental energy behind light and matter, at focal points on the Grid, not only do we bring the Earth's light lines into clarity, we manifest our own inherent divinity, perceive our own bodily ley lines, and come to embody, knowingly, somamantically, this inseverable nexus between the Earth, cosmos, and human. Another name for this nexus is the Grid. Thus geomancy and somamancy are two sides of the same coin. When we harmonize and enlighten geo, we do reciprocally the same for soma.

Eastern esoteric yoga informs us that the human has not only the apparent physical body, but a series of overlapping, multidimensional bodies which form a kind of Jacob's Ladder away from the familiar body of bones and flesh into the Body of Light. These bodies are variously described according to different traditions, but essentially they include the etheric/electromagnetic body (seat of the meridians and chakras), the emotional body (or astral body, the basic formative dimension for emotions as polarized expressions), the mental body (the sphere of abstract knowledge and concrete thinking, the realm of Forms), and the causal body (seat of the Soul, the timeless, spiritualized agent behind sequential human incarnations).

These 5 Bodies form an interpenetrating consciousness grid, like a series of Chinese boxes, or like the layers of an onion, with always another inside. The Earth, similarly, has this multidimensional overlay of grid bodies. This convenient, linear abstraction of what is indivisible, whole, simultaneous, and synchronous, is nonetheless useful as a model in explaining the different functional aspects of the planetary Grid.


Thus we begin with an examination of Gaia's 5 Grid Bodies.

Diagram 1

Human Acupuncture Chart Showing Meridians and Points
(From: Acupuncture, Marc Duke, Pyramid House, New York, 1972, p. 127)


The Electromagnetic 1746 Grid

This grid, the first dimensional expression away from the physical Earth, is the foundation of the material Earth and what Ecclesiastes called "the Golden Bowl."


It is an etheric energy duplicate, though more subtle, of the physical, whether human or planetary, and it is here that most contemporary geomancers, dowsers, and ley hunters are conducting their investigations. This body vitalizes and energizes the physical. It is the clearinghouse for all in-coming energy fields and transmits them intelligently to the organic body matrices (organs or power points). It is the channel for physically-focused consciousness to register the subtle worlds of energy and influence.

Through the electromagnetic body course the acupuncture meridians, the yin (negative, feminine) and yang (positive, masculine) polarized channels for the "two breaths of ch'i," the pervasive life energy, as catalogued by the ancient Chinese. These meridians traverse the physical Earth and human body in an intricate though rationally precise matrix, visually resembling something like the New York City subway system at its most obtuse (Diagram 1 above).


Acupuncturists speak of 10 organ-related (and 2 affiliate) channels, 15 Luo that connect these major meridians, the 8 Strange Flow channels, the 12 muscle meridians - such that as many as 59 "rivers of ch'i " are documented in advanced Chinese medical texts, with a minimum of 365 treatment points (or subway stops) but with up to 1000 points potentially available and sometimes used.

Correspondingly the venerable Chinese geomancers, practicing feng shui, the elusive landscape science of "wind and water", delineated the terrestrial lung mei ("dragon paths" or ley lines) which flowed either as a white yang tiger in the high mountains or as a yin blue dragon in the low hills and valleys. Where the two lung mei (the "two breaths of ch'i" ) met and became one, this was a power point node, full of ch'i and suitable for a royal grave or temple.


The masters of feng shui then intelligently placed their acupuncture "needles of stone" at these key power fusion points to clarify, harmonize, energise, and distribute the terrestrial ch'i in the Grid in accordance with daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly calendars - which is precisely what the acupuncturist does with her assortment of tiny needles and treatment maps of the human body.

This is our conceptual background for entering the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid. The first key aspect of this grid is the treatment nodes, or power points, in the meridian system. These have been variously described by "Earth Mysteries" writers as energy cells, coordination points, exit points, energy vortices, time portals, subtle digestive systems. A more accurate name is domes because this clearly, though controversially, reflects the origin and purpose of these landscape energy centers.

There is on the Earth, state proponents of the Dome theory, a system of dome centers, or etheric energy canopies, occupying the space over sacred enclosures (creating them, in fact), f r o m which extend numerous short-distance straight-running and spiraling dome lines of light radiating out over the landscape. The dome lines link the dome centers with each other in a subtle communications grid.


The subtle landscape is characterized as an intricate pattern of spirals, straight lines, and pulsing circles of light, like a couple thousand blinking thimbles of multihued Light dotting the Earth in a geometric web of ribbony filaments flowing outwards in all directions. The Domes made the etheric structure of Earth what it is by imposing a conscious matrix upon the planet to make Earth a place for possible human conscious evolution.

According to Dome theory, when the Domes appeared on Earth they activated lines of light and energy already present in the etheric skeletal web of the planet. The Domes were Ships brought here as a response from what is called the Architect of Cosmic Destiny and in line with past proposals and future events for Earth. Technically, it's not accurate to say the Domes came and went because they exist spatially in between spirit and matter. However, they were present on Earth three times in planetary history.


It is also not accurate to construe the Domes as mechanical material vehicles according to our customary understanding; they are more like transdimensional magnetic/energy facilitators overlaid on the physical landscape. In the first Dome Presence, there were no humans on Earth; in the second Dome Presence there was primitive human life; and during the third Dome Presence there were some humans who could clearly see the Domes and understand their function. What these early humans saw is recounted in various ancient mythologies (notably the Irish and Sumerian) as the Houses of the Sky Gods.

When the Domes were present, which by our reckoning, was for a very long time, they imparted immediate energy/ consciousness imprints (1/4 to 1 mile in diameter) on the Earth's surface. These were permanent resonance patterns shaped like domes (or like lampshades set over hills and mountains). This is an oscillating pattern which will persist until the Earth ceases to exist or until they are reaffirmed or altered by another Dome visit.


Although clairvoyants today describe these etheric energy canopies resident over many hundreds of sacred mountains and past megalithic religious enclosures (e.g., Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Palenque, Mt. Shasta, among many examples), these are actually etheric energy memories of the once quasi-materially present Domes.


Though the Domes have "left", their powerful electromagnetic energy impressions remain in place, like the persistent retinal image of a light bulb held in front of our eyes in a dark room. The simultaneous presence and nonpresence of these Domes is a paradox of energy as created by the inadequacies of our language.

Morphologically, however, the Domes were of varying sizes, capacities, and functions, arranged around the planet in a predetermined, numerically-fixed matrix according to star formations above. Their precise distribution patterning on Earth was a microcosmic reflection of esoteric macrocosmic star geometries. The "Captain" Domes, for example, distributed Love, Light, and Energy to the smaller Domes.


The overriding intention of the Domes was to bring Earth to biological, sentient life. Even today, millions of years later, etheric traces of their silvery energy pipework (different from ley or dome lines) are still clairvoyantly visible on the landscape in such geomantically heightened places as Glastonbury, England.


Visually, we can imagine nearly 2000 huge spherical, kinetic lampshades simultaneously descending like twinkling party hats over mountains, hills, and plateaus around the world, fitting down snugly and brightly, electrifying the Earth with their incredibly brilliant light and distributing this light through a spinning pin wheel matrix of Dome centers.

The Domes were the originating homes of ley lines, or more accurately, within this conceptual model, the dome lines. These exist in two forms. Straight-running dome lines (averaging in length 5-30 miles) are lines of energy connecting one dome with another making an angular light matrix around the planet. An example of this pattern is found in California with Mt. Diablo (Contra Costa County) and Mt. Tamalpais (Marin County); both of these sacred mountains (as the native Indians originally perceived them), are just outside San Francisco, domed, about 25 miles apart, and are connected by a straight dome line. The dome lines, incidentally, are pulsating energy channels with marked variations in seasonal intensity.

Each Dome had the capacity to initiate up to 48 affiliate energy centers, or smaller domes, through a series of spiraling dome lines with a smaller dome cap at the end. These became affiliate, spiritualized power points in the landscape, but directly related, like child to parent, with the initiating Dome. Potentially there are 83,808 such dome caps on Earth, a figure that amply explains the near planetary ubiquity of ancient religious sites.


The specific radiating pattern for the spiraling dome lines was heliocentric, according to the phi ratio (or Golden Mean, Golden Proportion, Golden Section of sacred geometry, expressed as 1.618034, which is an asymmetrical spiral exemplified in the patterning whorls of the sunflower and the leaf distribution pattern for many plants and described as the Fibonacci Series). For example, Mt. Tamalpais sends out at least two dome caps into urban San Francisco, spiritually energizing the areas of the Palace of Fine Arts and Lincoln Park.


The Dome at Mt. Diablo similarly sends dome caps into what are now urban Oakland and Berkeley.


Diagram 2


Moreover, whenever any spiral or straight dome lines intersect, they form minor power points called line nodes (Diagram 2).


These are copious, far more so than the considerably abundant dome caps, and are characterized as variously solar/positive, lunar/negative, some centrifugal, some centripetal, in effect. Domes, dome caps, and line nodes were sequentially marked by ancient geomancers with stone circles, major temples, barrows and stone chambers, and single standing stones, then afterwards in the Christian ecclesiastical ascendancy, by churches.


The entire geomantic panoply was once positioned carefully as a set of Grid engineering instruments of spiritual science within this precise web of Domes, dome caps, and line nodes, energy remains of which are today being detected, increasingly, by Earth Mysteries researchers (e.g., the British Dragon Project, directed by Paul Devereaux, editor of The Ley Hunter ) . Remembered vaguely in myth, folklore, and local custom, these landscape temples, animated by Domes, linked by dome lines, may be forgotten, but they haven't been closed down.6

Furthermore, according to Dome theory, on a planetary basis all the Domes are linked by way of interwoven gold and silver lines which emanate like cords from their crowns, and these are joined together at one specific planetary node which is the Grid's umbilicus and Master Dome. The gold and silver cords represent the balanced energy inputs of positive/negative, or male/female entering each Dome. In popular mythology, this umbilical point is called King Arthur's Round Table of Camelot.


The Domes were brought to Earth to create a Paradise for humankind. Each carried a light form, or seed crystal, of what was to be, both locally and globally, through the Grid. Of these Paradise crystals, some have been activated, but otherwise humankind has either not been aware of this divine potential or not bothered to make use of them to create the intended Earth Paradise. The option, however, still remains.

Because of their heightened electromagnetic fields, the Dome enclosures were like immaculate, high consciousness meditation halls where human awareness could be healed, uplifted, even interdimensionally transported through the domed exit points in the Houses of the Gods, facilitated by megalithic engineering. The Irish Brugh na Boinne (the House by the River Boyne) known today as the Newgrange tumulus, was the home of the Tuatha de Danann, the Irish deities, and often visited by intrepid humans seeking an audience with their Gods.

The domed coordination points in some cases contain psychic maps to the local esoteric geography. "These maps are used to provide points of resonance, release, and deflection "7 and include details of the local layout of Domes, dome caps, line nodes, and dome lines and their energy/consciousness ratings. The Domes facilitate meditatively-acquired insight into the planetary thought matrix (what Teilhard de Chardin calls the "noosphere") which is present like a hologramic library in the energy field of each Dome. This is why the Biblical Moses received the Pentateuch, or Torah Or, on Mt. Sinai, which was a pre-eminent sacred domed mountain.

Furthermore, true to Hermes' Principle of Correspondence, and in a process of reciprocal inevitability, when the Domes arrived, their terrific heat brought up a dome of water from underground, with its multidirectional web of water veins, both to cool the searing Earth and to mirror the Light Dome above.


Thus, even today, there are yang/centrifugal light lines and domes above ground, and yin/centripedal water lines and domes underground, etheric above, physical below. This is behind the phenomenon, constantly reported by dowsers of anomalous, copious water networks coincident with sacred enclosures.

Thus the Domes, metaphysically speaking, distributed the vibrations of Love and Light from Above through this imposed Grid system, thereby spiritually irradiating the landscape and, by extension, human consciousness, with these positive', evolutionary energies. This is the key: Before Adam, the Elohim.


The meaning of this gnomic statement will emerge as we move through the Grid. However, the doorway for this key is expressed in a single number, i.e., the number of planetary Domes: 1746. In the mystical science of Qabala and its mathematical language of gematria, this is a number of profound significance, for it is the fusion of the primary solar (666) and lunar (1080) the bipolar energies behind manifestation. In Qabala symbolism 1746 is the "grain of mustard seed" which the Christ likened to the Kingdom of Heaven; it is also, symbolically, the Divine Man, the Spirit of God on Earth, the Mysteries of Jesus, the Divinity of the Spirit, and others of similar import.

The second key aspect of the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid is chakras. According to esoteric Hindu yoga, in the human etheric body there are 7 major subtle energy centers called chakras (Sanskrit for "spinning wheels") ranged linearly along the vertical spinal axis from the scrotum to the crown of the head. There are anywhere from 7 to 22 minor chakras as well, distributed throughout the body. The major chakras are like electrical junction boxes, or energy transducers, for the physical body, mediating higher plane energies through the material form.


The chakras are functionally affiliated with the 7 principal endocrine glands and thereby with specific organ regions of the body and with specific ascending consciousness states as well.


For example, the throat chakra, called Visuddha (meaning "cleansed, clarified, perfectly pure.") is related to the thyroid gland and the mastery of clairaudience (intangible hearing, as in the "voices" of the Gods; see Diagram 3).


Diagram 3

The Human Chakra System


  1. White spiral: pingala nadi, solar

  2. Dark spiral: Ida nadi, lunar

  3. Central line: sushumna nadi, neutral

(From: The Inner Reaches of Outer Space, Joseph Campbell, Alfred van der Marck Editions, New York, 1986, p. 65)


The 7 chakras are energetically interdependent and activated sequentially, beginning with the 2nd, proceeding to the 7th, then returning to the 1st, the Root, the seat of Kundalini, the fundamental creative cosmic evolutionary energy.

Similarly in this model, the Earth, homologously, has a chakra system, arranged not in anatomical but energy sequence at 7 key Dome centers (Diagram 4).


Diagram 4
Planetary Chakras as Mapped on the Human


An Earth chakra, such as at the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, or at Glastonbury Tor, England, is a huge energy vortex, several miles in immediate diameter (and extending much further in area of influence), like a two-way swinging Grid door.


It is a subtle electromagnetic interface between higher, nonphysical stellar energies and the material embodiment of them in the Earth or human body. An Earth chakra may be pictured like this: Picture tiny flowers all over the Earth. Some form larger flowers and some of these form even larger flowers. Chakras are energy in one form flowing into another, like flowers opening as parts of another flower, each independent yet interdependent, similar yet dissimilar. Alternately, we can visualize a mighty wheel with many spokes.


At each spoke there is a point of light. The wheel has a hub and each spoke has two ends. Each spoke is connected to the hub and to the wheel. The center of the hub is connected to neither the spokes nor the wheel; it is the still center. The wheel turns into the head of a white opened dandelion - this is the Earth. The spokes leave from every direction from the hub and the patterns of light emerge on the surface and extend beyond it. These points at the end of each spoke are the flowers, or nodes, or energy centers called chakras.

Curiously, the geographical arrangement of the planetary chakra system is not immutable, although the changes occur very slowly and according to a predetermined plan, like a preset timer.


The 2nd chakra, for example, now at Machu Picchu, Peru, was formerly at Delphi, Greece, site of the famous oracle; Mt. Kailas in Tibet was once Earth's 4th, or heart chakra, but this has since been "moved" to Glastonbury in England. The activation, operation, and cessation of planetary chakras, as well as dome centers, was originally calibrated for a definite time/evolutionary sequence based on a fundamental clairvoyant understanding of the vast reaches of planetary destiny.


The 6th chakra, (the Brow, or Ajna, discussed below) changes focus every 200 years and is called the Mobile Focus; it operates like a consciousness beam moving purposefully over the planet according to a pre-arranged schedule of activations. Presently it is focussed on Glastonbury, but at one time in its long eventful history, it was resident in Jerusalem.

Although the Domes have, technically, paradoxically, left, they are still resident as powerful energy imprints, as the Mothers of all sacred Earth enclosures. The Electromagnetic 1746 Grid, furthermore, is still operational, though at a somewhat reduced Light intensity compared to what it would be like if the Domes were materially present again. Gaia's etheric energy body remains sentiently active, just as Her living physical form breathes through its biosphere. This level of the Grid can be likened to a radio carrying the whole range of frequency transmission capabilities. The various parts of the radio band are assigned to the Dome receptor matrix, which are like individual antenna or radio towers. This is a system of Grid sonics, of tone modulations.


The various Dome centers are energized as sonic receptor sites according to a graduated dial of master transmissions'. In many cases stone devices, electromagnetically-adjusted, were positioned at the Dome antenna sites to facilitate sonic reception. Not only were the Dome sites, according to this theory, calibrated planetarily in terms of radio beam receptivity, they were also calibrated in terms of a master electromagnetic spectrum geared to the consciousness and life support needs of humans and biosphere.


Each Dome was like a specially-set tuning fork; when struck by the incoming beam it then resonated this tone through its local web system as a uniform vibration.

In recent years, many believe, the Grid has been undergoing a gradual, site-specific reactivation by the same agencies, the Elohim, that originally engineered and installed the system in accordance with Hermes' Principles. The Earth was made as a Home in Man's image. The Electromagnetic 1746 Grid anchors and differentiates the next dimensional Grid matrix called the Oroboric 15 Line Grid, which forms and maintains the biosphere and makes these higher energies available for human consciousness and technology interactions and for mutually-supportive human and Earth evolution.

The Earth is enveloped in a lace doily of electromagnetic fields and pulsing points of light which move the incoming intelligent cosmic/stellar energy streams through the matrix, always tending towards balance. The role of the geomancer, intelligently manipulating and cooperating with the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid, has been to harmonize these incoming streams against the chaotic entropic energy fields created by negative thought forms of resident humans, and to maintain the health of both human and Gaia.


The geomancer has always been the Earth doctor and human metaphysician.


The Oroboric 15 Line Grid

The ancient Chinese geomancers had a comprehensive understanding of the manifold harmonious relations between Heaven, Earth, and the Human.


They stated there was first the Wu Chi, the one primal vibration or Cosmic Sound (called OM in Sanskrit, the Logos in original Christianity) that differentiates into the Tai Ch'i, or Two Tones (yin/yang polarity), which then manifests as the 12 Tones, the Lu. The 12 Lu are the 12 fundamental pitches within the octave, related to each other by specific ratios. In the West this twelve fold differentiation of the octave is known as the Zodiac; this is another topology of the basic cosmic modulations of celestial harmonics.


Moreover, the Chinese stated that the vibratory modulations influence Earth in a regular oscillation according to hourly, semi-daily, daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, seasonal, yearly, and e ta-annual cycles , all catalogued in astronomical/astrological tables. The geomantic year was apportioned into 12 Notes, 6 yin, 6 yang, each assigned to one of the 5 Elements (wood, fire, metal, water, soil).

Meanwhile the acupuncturists had charted the 12 primary energy meridians in the human body, assigning to each a yin/yang polarity (e.g., Absolute Yin, Lesser Yang), an organ (e.g., spleen, heart, liver, lungs), an element (e.g., Heart/fire, Liver/Wood, Kidneys/water), and a yearly-daily time of heightened activity, propitious for treatment (e.g., Heart/Summer/Noon-2 p.m.).


And they tied the system conceptually together with a set of 4 Laws of Ch'i, which basically operate in alignment with Hermes' Principle of Rhythm, including Mother-Son, Husband-Wife, Noon-Midnight, and the 5 Elements. These govern and describe the oscillating energy movements in both the human and Earth meridians (Diagram 5).


Diagram 5
A Human-Earth Oroboros Line
(From: Acupuncture, Michio Kushi, East West Foundation, Boston, MA, 1973, p. 11)

In the West the twelvefold permutations of the One energy were catalogued in terms of our familiar Zodiacal attributions (e.g., Sagittarius/fire, Taurus/earth, Gemini/air), each "ruled" by a planet (e.g., Venus rules Taurus, Mercury rules Gemini), and associated with particular body regions (e.g., Taurus with the throat, Gemini with the ears, arms, hands, chest, lungs, and Sagittarius with hips and thighs).


In mythology this circuit of 12 has found expression in the image of King Arthur's Round Table of Grail Knights, each Knight representing one station of this spinning Zodiac House.

The Chinese acupuncturists further discovered that in addition to the 10 organ-related meridians and their two affiliate channels (Heart Governor/yin and Three Heater/yang), there were two additional regulatory channels, namely, the Governing Vessel (yang/solar/front of the body/directing) and the Conception Vessel (yin/lunar/back of the body/responding). Meanwhile the Indian yogis had described the three (related) subtle nadis, or channels of Kundalini through the chakras. These are the pingala nadi (solar/right side), ida nadi (lunar/left side), and sushumna nadi (neutral/central fusion pathway; see Diagram 3).


The pingala carries the Fire of Matter; the ida channels the Fire of Manas; and through the sushumna courses the Fire of Spirit- - from the Root to the Crown chakra, according to the evolutionary sequence of chakra awakenings. For the purposes of this model, we will consider the pingala nadi and Governing Vessel meridian to be homologous and the ida pingala and Conception Vessel to be similarly related.

This is all necessary conceptual foundation for appreciating the Oroboric 15 Line Grid. This is Gaia's emotional body, Her interactive sphere of formation for the biosphere which is the matrix for all life on Earth. This Grid makes differentiated sensation possible (expressed as emotions, ruled, as described in astrology, by the planets and stars "in their courses"), and is the bridge between Mind and physical matter.


The Oroboric Grid, with its balanced Tai Ch'i of, alternatingly, 6 yin and 6 yang lines, is the foundation for the magnetic polarities of the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid and thereby for physical Earth. Magnetic energy, with its north/south poles operating in a charged biofield about matter, is concerned with establishing polarity or the balancing of the energy flow between two defined points. "Without magnetics there would be nothing to hold the universe together for it...contains the flow of vibrations back and forth within the theoretical limits of this universe." 8

Thus the Oroboric Grid is comprised of 15 Earth-traversing Dragon Lines, broad avenues of solar-differentiated Light,that, like the mythic Oroboros serpent, link their tails with their mouths, making a complete energy circuit, or Great Circle, about the planet. These are not radiations from the Domes or dome caps, like dome lines, though they do intersect and interact with Domes and dome caps (See Diagram 2 well above).


Nor do these Oroboros Lines oscillate but they are, rather, consistent lines of energy surrounding the planet and containing the organic film of Earth life. They run somewhat above the Earth's surface, often parallel with the straight-running dome lines.

Twelve major Oroboros Lines encircle the globe making 12 Great Circles; each has a different solar energy, ordinarily denominated by the 12 Zodiacal attributes (e.g., a Taurus Oroboros Line). There are three minor lines, ordinarily denominated by the qualities of male, female, and neutral.

Basically the 12 Oroboros Lines correlate with the 12 Chinese Lu and 12 organ meridians, while the 3 minor Oroboros Lines correspond with the 3 nadis (and Governing/Conception Vessels).

The Great Circles each have different and varying levels of vibration, or color, but they do not involve all the colors of the spectrum. Gold is a principal color while lilac is found on occasion. The Oroboros Lines are primary energy tracks. After the birth of a biological being, such as Gaia, the primary energy lines determine the nature of its growth and environment, i.e., the biosphere. We can visualize a sphere with 15 golden, white, and lilac lines encircling it at geometric intervals, making a total of 62 points of intersection and 120 equal-sized triangles. Within each of these intersections is a positive and negative line running across the surface.


These two are represented by pale blue lines which form the recessed side of the 120 triangles. The forward lines of these triangles are golden or white, and the positive/negative lines are not fixed but oscillate in a rhythmic pattern. This overall Oroboric figure incorporates the dodecahedron and icosahedron, two of the Platonic Solids (described below) forming the biosphere; in fact, the form for Earth is a combination of all 5 Platonic Solids (abstract forms of the 5 elements, which form the next dimensional Grid).


This is the energy lattice covering the Earth; it is what produced Earth's environmental structure.

A well-known example of an Oroboros Line is the St. Michael Dragon Ley in England. Dowsers trace its course for 380 miles, extending from southwest Cornwall at Michael's Mount (at 62 degrees East of North, aligned with the May 1, or Beltane, sunrise, one of the Celtic quarterly calendar days) to northeast Suffolk at Bury St. Edmunds. Along the way it is dotted with numerous eponymous Christian Church and earlier megalithic dedications. The St. Michael Oroboros Line, however, is much longer than 380 miles; nor is it the exclusive property of Michaelic Britain.


It extends entirely around the planet, joining itself again after a circumferential journey of some 24,000 miles. Its width varies at different points, being at some areas as narrow as 4 feet, while at others measuring several hundred yards in width. There are actually many Grid lines above the Earth, with the final one being two miles above the ground. Oroboros meridians particularly vary in width and intensity at nodal points (Domes, dome caps, line nodes, and Oroboric intersections) and may have thousands of major and minor treatment points arrayed along their length.

There is a specific site on Earth where the Michael/solar and Oroboros/Lunar Lines actually touch down, beginning and ending their planetary circuit and consequently activating the other 12 Zodiacal Ororobos Lines. This is also the site of the Master Dome, the original Round Table of Camelot, the Zodiacal Court of the Sun. This place is Avebury Circle, in central Wiltshire, England. Avebury,- according to this model, is the planetary umbilicus. Avebury is Earth's primary cosmic/electrical socket. It's where the Earth plugs into the cosmos. Avebury is Grid Central, the planetary geomantic switchboard (See Diagram 6).

Each of the Earth's 1746 Domes has two vertical light cords - -one gold, one silver - rising out of its top like an insulated lampshade cord. All these dual-weaved cords are joined together into one master interwoven cable at the Avebury Master Dome.


Diagram 6

Avebury Circle as Planetary Grid Umbilicus
(From: The Avebury Monuments,Faith de M. Vatcher, Lance Vatcher, Wiltshire Department of the Environment,

Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1976)

Moreover, Avebury is, to borrow another term from esoteric yoga, the planetary sutratma .


The sutratma is the channel through which the direct stream of life from the Spirit flows through the lower spiritual bodies and Soul to the personality and physical body; it is anchored in the etheric heart chakra. The life stream controls the circulation of the human blood and the planetary ch'i. For the Earth Avebury is the inner etheric heart, called Ananda-kanda, and operates in tandem with Glastonbury, the outer etheric heart, called Anahata (See Diagram 4 above). The sutratma at Avebury as the planetary tie-down for the basic solar/pingala and lunar/ida Oroboros Lines is also what is known in Ecclesiastes as "the Silver Cord, the thread that binds all the selves in the human being with the divine."

Thus the primary Tai Ch'i, or energy/consciousness polarity, enters the Earth Grid through her inner heart chakra at Avebury where it is then distributed throughout the Oroboric Grid as Gaia's emotional life blood. Each Grid line, vertical and horizontal, connects with the whole pattern covering the globe. Each of the two lines entering Avebury is connected at other points with each of the other 13 Oroboros Lines. The solar Oroboros comes in as a burst of pure Spirit, fiery, almost deadly, carrying absolute, eternal consciousness; it is assigned the gematria 666 by Qabala. The lunar Oroboros is cool, moist, refreshing, like a revivifying draught, carrying incarnate consciousness, subject to temporal cycles of birth and death, time and space; it is assigned the gematria 1080.

The two energies are fused at Avebury (just as they are within the dual human heart chakra), their currents sent coursing through the Grid. The number of their fusion is 1746, which is the sum of 1080 and 666. The dynamics of their interactive fusion, as a ratio of 666/1080 is the phi spiral of unfolding Light, namely, 1.618034. This is a fact fundamental to the nature of Light (described below) and at the heart of the Grid and the Human. While the solar and lunar lines are tied down at the planetary inner heart at Avebury, the Neutral Oroboros Line (equivalent to the sushumna nadi,carrying the Fire of Spirit) is anchored at Earth's crown chakra, Mt. Cook in western New Zealand,through which the dual Avebury-originating lines pass in their Great Circles.

What is at play here is that the primary yin/yang polarity of the Oroboros 15 Line Grid produces the balanced phi-described fusion of the 1746 Electromagnetic Grid, which is to say, Light finding balanced manifestation in the Earth Body. As Doris Lessing writes, "The outer web of musical light created the inner earthy one and held it there in its dance of tension." It is "a connecting feeding mesh (like an electric grid of humanity)". The Oroboric 15 Line Grid is Gaia's emotional body, her personality, expressed twelvefold as the Zodiacal archetypes of the 12 Lu - and thus ours, too, as human residents upon Gaia.


This dimension of the Grid is our home on Earth such that, as Lessing says,

"In the great singing dance, everything linked and moved together. My mind was the facet of a mind, like cells in a honeycomb."

Each of the Oroboros Lines was originally at some point anchored down to Earth by agency of special physical Vibrating Stones which came with the Domes.


They were apparently material stones, as we know stones, about the size of a spherical suitcase. They were brought here by Plan of the Cosmic Chaplains and Elohim geomancers appearing here in the Domes; the stones were activated by the Domes, then positioned at key sites around the Earth to form what is called a Global Hermetic Megalithic Calendar, for the benefit of all living forms. Each Vibrating Stone had its time of significance, in accordance with all the synchronously overlapping Zodiac schedules of activity, from the 12-hour cycle to the Great Year of 25,920 years. All 12 stones resonated in harmony and in resonance with each other.

One such Vibrating Stone was placed, according to several geomancers, at Beckery Island, a small hill just outside the center of Glastonbury, Somerset, and tied down the Taurus Oroboros Line as it was intersected by the Michael/Solar Oroboros passing through the town. This particular site was also known in ancient Welsh myth as one of Britain's Three Perpetual Choirs (the Choir of Afallach, or Avalon). These were continual geomantic resonators, established on the landscape as reflections of a heavenly model related to three different aspects of consciousness translated to Earth.


Activated long ago from a divine source, the Choirs were originally far more active than at present, and were related to healing. The Vibrating Stone from Beckery was subsequently removed but remains conspicuously visible though totally anomalously, elsewhere in Glastonbury. Thus in geomantic terms, the Taurus Stone was the primary receptor for the Taurean tone/vibration for the Oroboros Grid.


It was the main reservoir, amplifier, disperser, and transducer/transmuter of this 1/12th differentiation of cosmic energy entering our biosphere. The 12 stones acting in concert formed the foundation of the Global Hermetic Calendar.

The central coordination point for this Global Stone Calendar of Zodiac energies is Avebury, the condensed planetary Round Table of the Sun. The Round Table is a model for understanding the interdependent activities of the 12 Tones of the one Sound. The planetary Round Table is in effect the central receptor complex for the composite energies and consciousness of our solar system, for our particular Star Evolution paradigm of Light/Life/Consciousness whose King is our Sun.

Our solar system, ideally, is comprised of 12 revolving, rotating, inter-relating bodies (This figure includes the Sun and its reflector, the Moon, and the energy shell of the supposedly destroyed planet called Maldek or Marduk, now present as an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter). This was the original ideal solar octave of 12 planetary notes. Just as our Gaia is a living sentient being, so is our solar system a larger unified consciousness entity whose point of awareness is called by esotericists the Solar Logos.


Each planet is directly related, in terms of "ruling" influence, to one of the 12 Zodiac Houses thereby producing a triangular pattern of influence of stars, planets, and Earth coordinates, mediated to this planet through the Oroboros Grid and Avebury Round Table of the Sun.

The planetary Round Table is the means by which Gaia can experience the differentiated energies of the Solar Logos, of which She is an integral part. The Oroboros Grid represents the 12 Knights of Gaia's Round Table, the means by which these 12 oscillating influences are distributed to Her body and eventually to the consciousness of Her human, Zodiacally-attuned residents. Gaia's Grid body is the personality of the Sun expressed twelve fold.


As Above, So Below, said Hermes. We have, then, the Oroboros Grid interfacing the energy dynamics of the solar system and its organizing consciousness, the Solar Logos, for embodied humanity. By meditative mastery of the Round Table we penetrate to the essence of our Star Evolution paradigm, of which we are biophysical miniatures, chemical holograms, and thus we stand on the threshold of transcendence, of attaining in consciousness that fourth dimensional quality called anti-gravity.

There are, of course, inherent limitations to our Grid conceptualizations through Zodiacal archetypes. Much of this descriptive symbolism is manmade and homocentric, and thus not necessarily truly accurate with respect to the realities of the Grid as the Elohim would describe them. From their vantage point, things are more cyclical and interdependent. It is not so much constellations and stones, but matter vibrating in synchronicity. Things are synchronously resonating in reciprocal maintenance with each other and thus feed the Earth. The Earth reciprocally maintains this relationship of interdependence.

Each of the 12 Stones resonates at a particular frequency that is in sympathetic harmony with certain astrological constellations. The most relevant point, however, is the relationship. The Earth is an active force as well as a receptive matrix. Each celestial, terrestrial and lunar body is in sympathetic resonance, one with the other, traveling at tremendous speeds through infinite space. As we chart the Oroboros Grid, and particularly the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid (described next) we steadily approach the barrier between third and fourth dimensions, with all the inherent inadequacies and difficulties of Earth-based language and linear conceptualization.

Thus the Earth Grid at this level, through the Avebury umbilicus, is the Round Table as a planetary hologram of the energy/consciousness body of the Solar Logos. It is the receiving/transmitting device expressed at the borderline between third and fourth dimensions. In the context of the Earth we have expressed the energy realities of the Sun's Royal Court, which itself is but a component of the far larger vibrational body of the Galactic Logos. Now, the Grid contains a practical, localized feature that makes the conscious human experience with the Sun's Zodiacal Court possible.

The landscape Zodiac (discussed below) is the local, accessible hologram of the Master Round Table of Avebury and the Solar Logos, and represents an experiential workshop for aligning human with planetary, solar, galactic, and universal energy streams. We could liken the function of the landscape Zodiac (i.e., in which the energy skeletons of constellations around the ecliptic are overlaid on a 30 mile circumferential band on the Earth, as in Somerset, England, with the Glastonbury Zodiac) to that of a geomantic concert hall wherein we hear the Music of the Spheres as played by the local affiliate orchestra.

There is some classical precedent for this musical interpretation of the Grid. Pythagoras and Plato both presented Grid models couched in musical terms. Pythagoras described a Cosmic Ship of Music comprised of our planets and neighboring stars, which sailed through the Heavens emitting rhoizamata, or "rushing sounds", which we could hear when we tuned the seven-stringed lyre of ourselves (the unified chakra system) to resonate with the celestial music (accomplished or played by the Grid).


Plato spoke of the Spindle of Necessity which he envisioned as the solar system rotating about the axis of the universe. On each whorl of this Spindle sits a Siren who sings a single note.


In either case the total resonance pattern, the total Sound, the complete concert, is the celestial music of our King Sun, what Doris Lessing calls,

"the controlling governor of them all... the majestic core of our web... the deep low organ note that underlies all being... God's singing center."


The Polyhedronic Crystal Grid

The Grid now operates in the fourth dimension as a function of crystal geometry, comprising the 5 Platonic Solids.


This is Gaia's mental body, the sphere of abstract thinking and concrete knowledge, what Plato recognized as the world of Forms. Here the 15 Oroboros Grid Lines, which in the preceding Grid dimension beribbon the Earth sphere in a kinetic band of light, here are fused together into one unified polyhedron of 120 equal-sized triangles (or 10 hexagons, or 30 diamonds) with 62 intersection points. Grid mappers Bethe Hagens and William Becker call this geometrical Grid dimension the "Earth Star."

Whereas in the Oroboric Grid the 15 Great Circles collectively form and maintain the living biosphere, here in the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid the 5 elements (which are differentiated out in the Oroboros Lines, e.g., Taurus/earth, Gemini/air, Sagittarius/fire), exist in their abstract, more static, crystalline form, as Platonic Solids (e.g., fire/tetrahedron, earth/cube, air/octahedron, water/icosahedron, ether/dodecahedron). The Earth Crystal is the formative agent for the kinetic Oroboros Lines, which represent, in a sense, the elements in motion, manifesting the biosphere.


We can visualize the Polyhedron as a multifaceted etheric crystal superimposed over the Earth, like an overcoat, or like a geometric padded hatbox for a most delicate and flowery headpiece. Here the 5 Platonic Solids (as the abstract form of the elements) form a unified etheric crystal, with all the predictable geometrical/consciousness/formative properties of the crystal---such as the containment and
patterning of Light.

We can better appreciate how the Earth Polyhedron functions by reviewing the properties of crystals. Crystals are rightly called "windows of Light," as patterning and dimensional-transmitting doorways from the kinetic world of Light radiation down through the more apparently static material world of form - and the reverse. Crystals can amplify and project thought forms; facilitate interdimensional communication; operate as tuning forks at specific frequencies to key individuals and their environments to desired light harmonics; receive and transmit high energy inputs; maintain unified electromagnetic fields to provide balance and harmony; serve as cosmic batteries, storing and releasing energy on schedule; function as archetypal libraries, holding messages, codes, histories, schedules; work as light modulators; or act as psychic binoculars and telescopes seeing over great time/space distances.


These are documented applications of material plane crystals but their enumeration helps us understand the geometry of consciousness and Light at play in this more abstract Grid dimension.

Physical life on Earth is an oscillating dance of the 5 elements, as orchestrated to us through successively more material Grid interfaces, and as played for us by the symphonic interactions of the 11 planets (minus Earth), the 12 Zodiac Houses, and other influential star families (e.g., Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, among others ).


The Earth in its higher mental body manifestation is a crystal receptor floating in space, moving through the harmonic web of the stellar Grid, itself a vast unified crystal-polyhedron. We move with the Earth as a facet in the life and being of our King Sun, our Solar Logos, whose body is our solar system, source of our Light, Life, and Consciousness parameters.

We live, through these interpenetrating Grid dimensions, the stellar evolutionary life of our Sun in concert with his (once) 11 satellite planets, his Knights (now minus Maldek) and ecliptically-neighboring Zodiac.


We are all on the same solar wave-length as mediated through the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid.

"Every star evolution is on a valency of Light which determines its own evolutionary program," writes J. J. Hurtak.10

This represents our Solar Fishnet, the specific conditions of Light, Life, and Consciousness that constitute our home in the solar system.

The fundamental Round Table of the Sun, of which planet Earth is a valiant Knight, is marked by the projected ecliptic our Earth makes through the 12 Houses of the Zodiac (or the apparent path the Sun takes) during a 12 month cycle; it is also described by the Sun's own ecliptic peregrination in 2160 year spurts (following the Precession of the Equinoxes) through these same constellations.


Just as the Earth is visualized as this rotating, revolving crystalline receptor, wired for sound to the other planets and stars, dancing to the fivefold tune within the context of the evolutionary possibilities of this single Sun system and on the specific dance floor of planet Earth, so, too, is the local solar system a unified, evolving Being functioning within its own Light/Life/Consciousness paradigm within a larger controlling body.

The Sun and the totality of the solar system, when seen from a distance, free of time and space limitations, is a Light Crystal with interpenetrating Grids, surrounding each planet and linking them in a solar web. This is really a question of fundamental limitations. "Man is chained to his geomagnetic cycles," says Hurtak, living in "planetary bondage to its own Light field" or "solar magnetic field paradigm", operating under "the ancient astrophysical status of Light upon Earth."


Humans exist on Earth, adds Doris Lessing, within their,

"terrible bondage, the chains of necessity that grasped them... This web was an iron, a frightful necessity, imposing its design."

Our electromagnetic spectrum, dispensed by the Sun and mediated through the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid, is both our familiar home and our frightful jail, depending on our orientation.


Gravity holds us rooted to the material Earth and the solar winds blow hard to keep us strapped to the Earth's surface and within Her electromagnetic field. However, at the doorway of the Polyhedron, the place where our evolutionary Light paradigm for Humanity on Earth is molded and transmitted, we have the possibility of lifting off in a rush of anti-gravity.

The Earth Grid represents the geometry of consciousness, the constraints on awareness and fourth dimensional transcendence, our biochemical/evolutionary parameters of expression. The crystalline Star Grid, of which our Earth is a component, is the form-dynamics of our local Star Evolution program, namely, the restrictions on consciousness, or that which upholds what Hurtak calls "the bioconsciousness of the old planetary cycles", or that which maintains "the electromagnetic ordering of the life code."


Our interpenetrating Grid system is like a huge solar DNA hologram enveloping, infiltrating, and living us inescapably. It is a particular electromagnetic domain, or frequency/life spectrum, which is a partial expression (tailored for Earth, just as Venus and Mars have their own Grid realities) of the unified Star Evolution Grid, itself but a cosmic DNA hologram of a larger harmonic being. So here we live, as humans on Earth, breathing within and as sentient facets of this resonating matrix. It fits like a primary tuning fork over our noosphere and biosphere such that not one atom or electron or speeding quark escapes its dominant resonance.

Yet this same Crystal Grid represents the possible Grid Doors out of this Sun-imposed paradigm. It holds the key to anti-gravity; here the stellar Grid restrictions can be transcended, here human consciousness can depart the solar system, soaring off the Earth in a burst of Light into the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is freedom from gravity, which is none other than the weight of the mind/body/emotions bounded by the linear time/space fishnet of the Grid. Anti-gravity, as we will see below, is fundamentally a consciousness technology, a transcending mastery of the Grid.


Our stellar Grid, after all, is only one of billions of such star evolution crystal grids glittering in what Hurtak calls "the Sea of Crystal", which is our Milky Way seen through mystic eyes. Star systems now are seen as individual, interdependent, inter-resonating geometric harmonic Grids of Light.

Thus the Polyhedronic Grid is like a central distribution warehouse for a supermarket chain. Here all the groceries and produce are received and parceled out, first for the regional distributors, then the individual units. The Platonic Solids, in this model, receive the abstract energy impulses, or bulk shipments, from the Zodiac Houses, other stars and planets, then parcel them out down through the succeeding 3 Grids to the physical Earth and our daily lives as Grid consumers - all in accordance with the inherent geometric/elemental design.

Here is an example of how this system works. Recently at the moment of the lunar eclipse and full Moon of Libra 1986, the Earth tetrahedron received a major solar activation. The 5 Platonic Solids form what is in truth an indivisible whole; but for the purpose of this illustration, let us envision the tetrahedron alone, as a 3-sided pyramid within a basketball, but with the corners protruding like big toes from old socks. From the apex of the pyramid/tetrahedron, rises a spiraling cone extending far into space, into the star fields. At the moment of activation, first the cone, then the pyramid, blushed an effulgent gold throughout. Momentarily the tetrahedron was radiant and vibrationally jubilant with powerful solar energy amidst the other Solids which formed a clear quartz crystal.


Obviously, shortly afterwards the fire-energized pyramid began diffusing its new energies throughout the unified polyhedron. The planetary positioning point (apex up) for this now golden tetrahedron within the Polyhedronic Crystal Grid overlap on Earth is Richland-Balsam Mt. (or The Balsam; or Mt. Balsam Cone; current elevation 6500 feet, ancient elevation 6666 feet) in Western North Carolina, 20 miles south of Waynesville, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway (heading "north").

The Earth Crystal, then, is "wired for sound" with the other interior crystal organs of the Sun system by way of the Stellar Grid. The Stellar Grid is structured differently than the various Earth Grids. When we visualize a geodesic or other multi-faceted rhomboid solid, we see subtle lines of energy passing from one plane of experience or existence to a similar plane or facet in a rhomboid at another dimension. This is the Stellar/Earth Grid connection. It is linked with forces of an etheric nature.


The Stellar Grid may be visualized from Earth as a lace curtain or pattern of interconnected snowflakes stretching across the entire night sky.


The Soul of Gaia

In the theory of Earth's higher bodies, this is Gaia's causal body, the inner Temple of Solomon, the Soul of our sentient planet.


This is the prime consciousness Grid for Gaia, centered in a quasi-physical, quasi-etheric domain roughly coordinated topographically with the Kun Lun Mountains and Gobi/Lob Nor Deserts of Mongolia/Northern China. Like the brow chakra of the human, which is the seat of clairvoyance, the Soul of Gaia is an interdimensional realm, essentially hidden and mostly intangible. It can be physically entered, however, occasionally by human adepts or somewhat more easily in the visionary body, through various meditative/geomantic doorways around the Earth.

At this level we encounter the Planetary Logos called Sanat Kumara (The One Initiator) who presides over Earth's inner life as the Soul, mediating through the brow chakra the "Word of God" to the physical Being of Gaia (See Diagram 4). Through the activated brow chakra, one comes to know one's true divine identity and life purpose. This is echoed Biblically in St. John's Revelation where he describes the 144,000 Children of Israel on Mt. Zion, standing with the Lamb (Christ), each with the Name of God written on their foreheads (in their brow chakra).


In our time, planetarily, the Soul of Gaia operates by means of the Mobile Focus. This consciousness beam contains the inner Soul awareness and evolutionary program for Gaia and all her residents and is usually mediated to the physical plane through the four succeeding Grids. However, in our special historical moment, the Mobile Focus is coming through the planet's outer heart chakra at Glastonbury.

The Mobile Focus is continually moving, traveling over the Earth's surface with no permanently fixed location. Theoretically it is fully resident in one locality for about 100 years but with an overspill of energy before and afterwards of 50 years each, making 200 years total presence in one locale.

The Mobile Focus, it is believed, was once resident at Jerusalem and Mt. Kailas, but in the course of Earth history, obviously it has been many places.

The Focus operates by means of a predetermined evolutionary activation mechanism. If we wind up a clock, it then proceeds through its mechanism to tell time. As the Domes supposedly came three times, they preprogrammed the matrix of energy lines over Earth to coincide with certain planetary and constellationary exactitudes existing in the far future. The action of the Mobile Focus is much like the effect a living Master, like the 14th Dalai Lama, for example, can have on a receptive human. We can experience a profound change in our consciousness just by sitting in the presence of such a Master, but only to the degree of our receptivity to his/her heightened pure vibrations.


The Mobile Focus, as a geomantic Living Master for Gaia, has been moved, therefore, in accordance with a Master Plan, a vast far-seeing tablet of planetary destiny, over Earth's surface, to resonate equally at each culture, for each creed, for 200 year periods - facilitating the implementation of Gaia's Soul programs into the physical domain of human culture.

The Mobile Focus, in this model, is an initiatory energy beam designed by Adepts under guidance of the Elohim, for the transfiguration of consciousness from the human plane to one of angelic resonance. It is like a powerful spotlight of color/sound/vibration/energy shone steadily over a specific region (e.g., a Dome center). It has as its agenda the uplifting of human awareness into knowledge of the Master Plan and that particular bioregion's role in achieving this total Plan for Earth.


Here we listen to Gaia's Soul telling Her (and us) the reason and purpose for our existence as an inhabited planet. Here we listen to the wise voice of Her Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, as He imparts spiritual qualities through the Grid matrix. Thus we begin to understand why things are precisely the way they are on the physical plane, according to Hermes' Principle of Causation. We begin to appreciate that Gaia's karma is largely the result of our ill-informed actions over the millennia. Indeed, when Gaia is appreciated as a sentient, coherent, living Being, then we will awake in horror at the scope of the injuries we've inflicted upon Her.

From the interpretive vantage of the mystical science of Qabala, Earth's 5 interpenetrating Grid Bodies may be seen as part of a basic abstract model for reality called the Tree of Life (Diagram 7).


Diagram 7
Qabala Tree of Life

The Tree is composed of 12 spheres (called Sephira [plural; Sephiroth, singular] : 10 manifest, 2 subtle) and 22 pathways linking these energy/consciousness domains. Earth, at the bottom sphere (Malkuth, 10th Sephiroth) is linked, through the pathways (The group name is Autiot, forming the 22 sacred letters, the later basis for the Hebrew language) to God, at Kether, at the top of the Tree.

Ideally the Tree resonates as one vibrational being with the Name of God, the unpronounceable, ineffable Tetragrammaton. The planets and Zodiac Houses are positioned on the Tree which as a totality operates synchronously in many levels of manifestation and understanding (e.g., human consciousness, the Earth Grid, the Solar Logos).


One Grid system is always an interdependent tone in a broader Grid harmonic. The Tree model presents the Grid as a linear sequencing of higher influences mediating downwards to Earth; but in truth, it's more like an onion made of dozens of onion skins. The reality is the immediacy and integrity of the onion, or Grid- - with all levels synchronously resonating, one within the other (Diagram 8).

The synchronous Grid resonance is finally brought down to the physical Earth - the ultimate Grid theater for this complex drama of cosmic energies within the context of ordinary daily human consciousness on Earth. The Terrestrial Megalithic Grid "The whole world was laid out according to a cosmic scheme," explains British doyen of Earth Mysteries, John Michell.11 The megalithic culture accomplished its spiritual engineering by means of the landscape stone temple.


Positioned geomantically at Dome centers, such landscape temples (e.g., in Britain, Stonehenge, Maiden Castle, Arbor Low, Rollright Circle, Maes Howe, and many others) functioned as "a receiving station for direct influences from heavenly constellations and earth energies" thereby uniting Heaven and Earth. Prehistoric Britain was an epicenter of such megalithic consciousness engineering, and was a land of "closely-linked, intercommunicating centers," adds Michell, "engaged in the same scientific program."

Characterizing in part modern Britain, Michell noted,

"A great scientific instrument lies sprawled over the entire surface of the globe. The vast scale of prehistoric engineering is not yet generally recognized."

While the sophistication of "prehistoric" megalithic engineering may remain as yet largely unrecognized, certainly its still copious and visible remains do not go unacknowledged. The extent and abundance of extant megalithic sites in Britain alone is staggering.


Estimates state there are still 1000 stone chambers, at least 30,000 barrows, 900 stone circles, 3000 hillforts, and countless thousands of single standing stones, all in varying states of decay and neglect.


Diagram 8
The Grid as a Function of Interpenetrating Higher Dimensional Bodies for the Living Earth

The names are multiple and various, too, for the scientific panoply of megalithic engineering: cromlech, dolmen, menhir, quoit, hill figure, fogou, souterrain, cairn, stone row, round tower, pyramid, brugh, gallery grave, causewayed camp, ring-and-ditch.


These are best appreciated as some of the many precise geomantic tools for consciousness-technology once employed by the master geomancers of Gaia.

The context for these megalithic engineering applications was the interface between the Earth's indigenous electromagnetic field and the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid, which acted to re-arrange and harness the magnetized Earth field.


The Earth is surrounded by a unified magnetic field and within this it behaves as if it were a ball of magnetized iron, with north and south poles (Diagram 9).


Diagram 9

Earth's Geomagnetic Field in 1965


This is a fluctuating field, with daily shifts in total geomagnetic force (from 0.0002 gauss at the Equator to 0.0005 gauss at the Poles, and a geomagnetic daily intensity variation of 20-50 gammas).


Most scientists attribute these changes to the Sun; solar flares and magnetic storms thereby initiating geomagnetically traumatic situations on Earth. Moreover, geomagnetic field polarity, seen over time, switches often, and has done so perhaps many hundreds of times in the Earth's long history (estimated at every 230,000 years), causing tremendous biospheric and geologic alterations and life form extinctions.

The Earth's huge,oscillating electromagnetic field is the Mother to our own human biofields, themselves the Mother to our individual organ biofields. It acts as a primal energy womb in which all living forms on Earth have taken their nourishment and continuing energetic sustenance. In a system of magnetic ecology the human energy rhythms take their cue from variations in the Earth's magnetic field; thus human biorhythms are conditioned by geomagnetic fluctuations which act for us as timers, modulators, regulators, and, if used properly, as healers.


The ancient Druids of Britain, as did the old fengshui masters of China, comprehended these manifold energy bonds and knew how to work harmoniously, creatively, with the interdependent, multidirectional flow of electromagnetic pulses to maintain individual health, communal cooperation, and world peace. Their context was the Terrestrial Megalithic Grid and their means was consciousness technology.

The geomantic secret of the Druids was that they comprehended the Grid as a supermagnetic armature.


True to Hermes1 Principle of Correspondence, the modern electric motor is a scaled-down version of the energy conversion mechanism of the Earth Grid. The basic design principles of the electric motor illustrate this reality. The electric motor has three basic parts, relevant to this Grid model: the armature, stationary bar magnet, and commutator.

The armature is that part of an electric generator, dynamo, or motor in which electrical energy is produced. Usually it is a core of soft iron wound with insulated wires which produces an electromagnetic field in response to an incoming electric current. The armature is the main, revolving, current-carrying winding, acting as an induced electromagnet. The coiled armature reacts with the stationary bar magnet, actually creating its magnetic field. When the armature rotates between the newly established poles of the bar magnet, this generates the electromotive force, or power - the whole purpose of the motor.


The commutator directs (and changes) the flow of the primary electrical current from the generator, either in a direct-current or alternating-current manner. The electromotive force, which derives from the rotation of the armature through a magnetic field, provides the energy source.

Thus electricity in motion produces a magnetic field which in motion across an electrical field in a magnet yields electromotive force. If the direction of the electric current is changed through the commutator, the poles reverse direction when the armature accordingly changes its rotational direction. A direct-current of constant strength produces an unchanging magnetic field whereas an alternating -current makes the magnetic field reverse itself every time the current reverses.

Thus the Grid is a supermagnetic armature. The Oroboric 15 Line Grid is the coiled armature. The sutratma of interwoven gold/silver Oroboros Lines entering Avebury Circle represents the commutator, the channel for the variously positive/negative electrical current that produces the electromagnet in the Oroboros armature.


The Oroboros armature produces the electromagnetic field in the stationary bar magnet of the Earth, in reaction with its indigenous mineral, crystal, and stone conductors.

"The Earth's core, composed mostly of molten iron, conducts electric currents which amplify accompanying magnetic fields," explains Hurtak, "when energy wave bombardment pours in through the polar areas of the Earth."

The electromotive force is drawn off through the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid centers interfacing with the natural electric/telluric flows of the Earth's magnetic field (See Diagram 9).


This interface was the intelligent positioning of megalithic hardware (e.g., hollow, crystal-tipped, 100 foot-high pyramids) at key Grid junction boxes in a program of applied consciousness technology which re-arranged the indigenous magnetic field pattern into a workable energy Grid from which free and inexhaustible supplies could be drawn. This is the foundation of the Druidic sacred landscape science extolled by Michell.

The Electromagnetic 1746 Grid is the planetary Grid Engineer's energy matrix blueprint, his Con Edison route map. The advanced crystal technology of Atlantis, for example, represented the "home appliance" that plugged into this free energy system drawing off virtually endless reserves of energy to empower civilization (the technological aspect) while furthering the spiritual evolution of humankind (the consciousness aspect).10


The electromotive force is not available, either functionally or conceptually, without this spiritual/scientific fusion expressed as consciousness technology and that comes from the proper understanding of the human/Grid interface. The Grid energy appliances were, and remain, a fusion as spiritual engineering. The Master Grid Engineers were, and remain, Knights of the Holy Grail. Thus the Grid is revealed as the context in which consciousness and technology are harmoniously integrated in a planetary Tai Ch'i for human and Earth enlightenment.

In accordance with this simple electric motor model of the Earth Grid, the much-prophesised Earth Changes, possible geomagnetic field and pole reversal, even the apocalyptic Second Coming of Christ, are all nested within the function of the Grid commutator.

Between geomagnetic field reversals, the Grid seems to function as a direct-current motor, with its steady stream of one-way electricity. But with the imminence of Earth Changes and field reversal, suddenly it seems that the Grid is actually an alternating-current motor, simply with long pauses between field reversals.


A change in the polarity of the electric current flowing through the Grid commutator at Avebury fundamentally means the introduction of a new electromagnetic Light/Life/Consciousness spectrum for Earth, an upgrading of our physical life parameters by a literal electrification of matter---the biosphere, noosphere, and all our Grid bodies - into the fourth dimension, into the realm of anti-gravity.


Everything will be vibrationally transfigured - As Above, So Below - from the Star Evolution Crystal to the Earth Polyhedron Crystal to the human molecules of DNA and ATP. It will happen unilaterally, instantaneously, synchronously.

This is because the primary message the reality of the Grid is telling us is this: We are all one crystalline vibrational body - galaxy, solar system, Earth, human.


The Human/Grid Interface

When the Earth is comprehended as a receiving/transmitting crystal harmonic and a resonant facet in the solar crystal harmonic, a note in the solar octave, then we need a unifying scheduling science with which to orient ourselves within this Grid totality.

The precise science of astrology is the Viewer's Guide for daily Grid programming. The Ephemeris is the TV Guide for the Grid. What programs shall we watch as the world turns? What maudlin soaps shall we participate in as our King Sun plugs us into His daily melodrama?

Astrology minutely calibrates the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cycles of the planets - the movements of our orchestra. Through astrologically-attuned eyes, which is simply developing the interpretive aspect of astronomy, we can understand our lives, our world, our emotions, our movements, our reasons, habits, difficulties, and exaltations, according to this "web of iron necessity," this whirling elemental energy dance of our interwired human/solar psyche.


The Polyhedronic Crystal Grid is like the master crystal chip that receives, through its 120 smooth triangular receptor plates, the myriad, though mathematically rational and orchestrated, energy/consciousness/Sound channellings from our biopsychic disc jockeys. Thus the Ephemeris, with its factual tables of numbers and degrees, when properly applied, represents the Grid Engineer's codebook for predicting, assessing, correcting, interpreting, and transmuting these steady, determining inputs from the solar radio station.

Transmuting is the key. We can change the channel if we choose, turn down the volume, fine tune the specific radio band. The Grid Engineer has the potential for transmuting (freeing the inherent energy by releasing it from its form bondage) the solar/celestial energies by intelligent interfacing with the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid through any of the 144 planetary Round Table holograms, or terrestrial Zodiacs resident on Earth. This Grid, we must remember, is the Golden Alchemical Bowl of electromagnetic differentiation, and the potential alembic of our transfiguration from gravitationally bonded humans to Humans of Light. Just because King Sun, our accustomed disc jockey, plays his favorite tunes on his radio station, doesn't mean we have to, ultimately, always dance to that rhythm.

The introduction of the reality of the local Zodiac workshops brings us to the crux of the possible interaction between the human and the Grid. This is where the Grid Engineer and Knight of the Holy Grail become one. This unification of seeking the Grail and serving the Grid is played out in the local geomythic theater of the landscape Zodiac. Geomythic means "the living myth in the landscape" and our direct involvement in this terrestrial symbology through a heightened consciousness interaction within a local Zodiac complex.

Our Zodiac conceptual model again operates as an interdependent series of homologous and attuned dimensional systems i.e., Zodiacs within Zodiacs. We begin with the Master Solar Round Table of the Earth/Sun ecliptic through the twelve Houses of the Zodiac - every year, every 2160 years, every 25, 920 years. Here we have both King Sun and planet Earth circuiting the heavenly twelve-gated Grail Castle as intrepid, dedicated Grail Knights.


This vast cycling, and questing, is translated, homologously, down to Earth, first, through Avebury as Grid switchboard and concert maistro, the master point for the 12 Oroboros Zodiac Lines, and, second, through the expansive planetary distribution of these 12 Dragon Lines, thereby making a Round Table of both Avebury Circle (condensed) and the entire planet Earth (expanded).


But how does an individual Grail Knight voluntarily, consciously experience this huge planetary Round Table? And how does the Grid Engineer make intelligent, compassionate, and timely adjustments in the geomantic web of this vast-revolving solar table on Earth? Through the local Zodiac hologram.

In this Zodiac model, an overlay of Qabala's Tree of Life with the mythic Round Table/Zodiac image is most illuminating. The Earth is one of the 12 resonating spheres, one of the 12 Round Table members, one of the 12 Notes in the solar octave, in the Solar Tree of Life. Thus we can picture these relations either in terms of the Tree or Round Table, which are essentially interchangeable for this illustration. Our Body of the Sun is expressed as a 12-sphered Tree of Life, with 12 Knights, or 12 Notes; Earth is Malkuth, the 10th Sephiroth, representing, appropriately, Earth (See Diagram 7; the 7th Sephiroth, Hod, for example, represents Mercury).

Next, and similarly, the Earth Body is expressed as a Tree of Life, and here Mt. Shasta is Malkuth and Root chakra. The Gaia Tree has 12 spheres which in terms of the Grid are 12 Zodiac Vortices, major planetary Zodiac domains which correspond in legend to the camps of the 12 Tribes of Israel. These are primary geomantic sectors each organized into a major Zodiac complex of 12 sub-Zodiac temples. The unification of these 12 Zodiac Vortices is the planetary Round Table, or Tree, as the whole family of Jacob (who was Israel).


Next, each of these 12 Zodiac Vortices has a subsystem of 12 Zodiac Domes, giving us a total of 144 Zodiac hologram temples on the planet (although all are not always available at one given time because of changing geologic/meteorologic conditions). Each of the 12 Zodiac Dome sub-systems comprises a Zodiac Vortex Round Table, of which there are 12 worldwide.

For example, what I call the Hyperborean Round Table occupies an approximate area ranging from the Orkney Islands of northern Scotland, through Ireland, Wales, and England, to Brittany and southwestern France. This Domed Zodiac Round Table includes 12 interdependent local Zodiac systems. Each has a dominant myth-system Logos but all are primarily constellated around King Arthur and the Grail. One of these 12 local Zodiacs is the somewhat familiar Glastonbury/Somerset "Round Table of the Stars," as it's often called, or more poetically, The Region of the Summer Stars (which includes the famous mystical Avalon). Each local Zodiac (which may measure 10 miles in diameter, 20-30 miles in circumference) is topped and energized by a huge Zodiac Dome.

Each local Zodiac, such as The Region of the Summer Stars, is a hologram of the solar Round Table in the form of 144 quasi-etheric star center effigies dimensionally overlaid like a stellar template on the physical landscape. The landscape Zodiac is a double ecliptic, with one physical ecliptic including 96 star effigies (from the northern hemisphere skies) and one etheric ecliptic including 48 star effigies (from the southern hemisphere skies). The two ecliptics interlock forming a vesica piscis with Glastonbury in its cradle.

Within such a local Zodiac temple, a particular constellation, such as Canis Major (the Great Dog), will have an approximate material landscape reference point, a residence often reflected in place names, local legends, or actual landscape sculpturing, within or outside this defining ecliptic.


Diagram 10
Star Template of Canis Major Overlaid on Somerset Landscape


1 Aludra: church
3 Wezea: church
5 Adhara: church
6 church
7 former church
8 church, formerly stone circle
9 Sirius: Oath Hill, former temple
12 stone monument
13 church, formerly barrow
15 church, formerly barrow
16 church, hollow hill (stone chamber)


In central Somerset, for example, within The Region of the Summer Stars, Canis Major is called "The Girt Dog of Langport" and occupies a geographic region about 5 miles long and 1 mile broad, and includes 16 recognizable star centers in its geomythic body.


Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, touches down locally at Oath Hill which was once used by King Arthur to obtain oaths and fealty-commitments from his Knights. About 6 star centers are occupied by 600-1000 year old Christian churches, many of which were preceded by barrows or stone circles.


Star centers are local geometrically-cast power points, usually marked by a dome cap, or line node, and sometimes with a full-fledged dome. Each of the constellations Above is overlaid, energetically, structurally, as a subtle, miniature star template of landscape star formations Below. Occasionally the landscape, when seen from an airplane, does seem to resemble the morphology of a fish or goat or bull, but this is not essential by any means. The star centers represent dimensional doorways into the geomythic consciousness body of the particular Zodiac effigy whose being has cast an inviting shadow over the physical terrain.

The local Earth Zodiac represents a basic consciousness workshop for human experience of the Grid of solar energies that is the Solar Round Table, which comprises our inner psychic three-dimensionally bounded life. The local Zodiac embodies, in miniature, the astrophysical parameters etched in Earth and ether of the Star Evolution Grid and its 144 permutations, from the basic 12 octaval modulations. Each of the 144 Zodiacs has a different flavor, a different angle of vision, a different nuance and energy coloring. Why there are 144 is explained below.

Through hologramic miniaturization, the local Zodiac makes the vast solar ecliptic Round Table accessible for human interaction and transmutation. The local Zodiac holds up before our meditative eyes a mirror made of geomancy for inner self-discovery. In circuiting the Zodiac temple we learn we are, psychically, made of the identical resonance pattern as the solar system, and we thank our Zodiac hologram for clearly mirroring this reality for us.


The Zodiac is a means for individual attunement with the Music of the Spheres, for hearing the subtle cosmic crystal harmonics, orchestrated daily by the "rushing sounds" movement of planets and stars, the Rhoizamata, as Pythagoras would say, which are always resonating within our atomic/molecular/consciousness environment, but just below the range of common hearing. The local Zodiac radio turns up the volume on this unending solar resonance so we can hear our stellar heartbeat.


So, transiting the Earth Zodiac under intelligent astrological guidance, is like having a personalized Sony Walkman strapped to our ears, tuned to the cosmic FM band of fine musical orchestration---Venusian rhapsodies, Martian reggae, Jupiterian symphonies - all courtesy of King Sun Broadcasting Network.

Each landscape effigy has its own internal templic structure modeled, again, on the Tree of Life. Our Girt Dog of Langport happens to be, geomythically, the canine psychopomp for the neophyte Grail Knight entering the starry Otherworld of the Zodiac temple, the spinning mystical Grail Castle. Mythologically, the Zodiac temple is the theater for the Grail Knight to seek, find, and fulfill the Grail Quest, which is none other than uncovering and opening the divine seed of Light and Spirit buried deep within human consciousness.


The landscape Zodiac temple is energetically organized to facilitate this revelation. Our inner nature truly lies among the stars. And Merlin, legendary Enchanter and Bard of Britain and King Arthur's Star Worker, was the master geomancer who dispatched the Grail Knights out to the star centers for visionary/integrative experiences, each according to the coincidence of their individual natal charts, their own spiritual development status, and the larger astrological cycles - as mediated through the landscape Zodiac hologram.

This is the moment in which the Grail Knight and Grid Engineer shake hands and act as one out in the Grid. The field of our psychophysical organism, the electromagnetic and bioplasmic structure, is inherently linked into the Earth's electromagnetic and bioplasmic fields.


When a human being inter-relates and unifies (through meditation) at the right point in time and space (according to the Ephemeris time tables) on the surface of the Earth (at the correctly chosen star center vortex), and in themselves (in attunement with their overall program of spiritual enfoldment, as calibrated by their Master), and there is coincidence, then we have individual and planetary resonance.


Then we have direct, tangible, experiential knowledge of the human place in the solar system. When we walk through the Zodiac Grid Door into the realm of the Gods, we comprehend our true status in the solar paradigm. And that is to embody and transfigure it all in the Human Body of Light.

But how, exactly, does the meditating Grail Knight also function as Grid technician? Just as the Solar Logos is the Soul of the Being known as the solar system, and just as the Planetary Logos is the Soul of Gaia, so the Grail stands for the potential for humans to know as the Soul. The Grail is an electromagnetic consciousness doorway within the human mind/body complex which opens through individuation of the psyche (i.e., the harmonious integration of the twelvefold Zodiac archetypes of the Sun) into divinity. This is called by Qabalists the Adam Kadmon, the sacred template of human perfection, the Edenic Light Body.

The Grid, operating through its geomantically symbolic local star configurations, is a series of epiphanies, of harmonic unifications, octaval Notes of Trees within Trees, each sounding their note in a heavenly/terrestrial chorale. It proceeds step-by-step, beginning with the local Zodiac effigies. When Canis Major resonates within the Region of the Summer Stars Zodiac system, and when all 144 effigies within this Zodiac Dome are harmonized, then the system as a whole can resonate properly and fulfill its intended geometric place in the Zodiac octaval choir.


When each of the 144 Zodiac Domes is harmonized, when the 12 Zodiac Vortices are resonating, then the global Round Table/Tree of Life through Avebury can sing within the choir of the solar system of which our Gaia is one sweetly singing voice. Thus is Gaia's position as Grail Knight at the King Sun's Round Table fulfilled and the solar harmonic completed.

When the human, myth-living one's true identity as a star-compounded Grail Knight walking through the local Zodiac temple, unifies consciousness at a star center through a variety of means (e.g., meditation, chanting, singing, dancing, crystal focussing, directed breathing, group rituals, channelling higher beings, performing color visualizations), this brings the local aspect of the Electromagnetic 1746 Grid into clarity, focus, and harmony. Human and planetary energies are balanced through aware human participation at Grid nodes.

When we comprehend the Grid as Gaia's immune and digestive system, and when we further consider the ubiquitous ecological disaster we have dumped in Her lap (not to mention the howling delusionary human astral plane we've created above the Earth like a permanent brown band of smog), then we can clearly see the urgency for purging, cleansing, and harmonizing the Human/Gaia Being again. We are not separate: Gaia's ecology is our spirituality; Her imbalance is our psychosis.


It's a question of reciprocal maintenance. As we maintain the Mother, so we maintain ourselves, Her children. As we purify Her body, so we cleanse our own. As we feed Her, so She feeds us. As the British geomancer Reshad Feild notes, "Although this grid system exists in the natural world, it,too, is made for man and woman, and so the necessary work of transformation has to go 'through' the vehicle of the human being." 14

This is true planetary ecology, love for the "Earth Household", because it recognizes the indivisible bond between Earth and Human, House and Resident, Mother and Child, as mediated through our homologous Grid bodies.


And we can count on the assistance of both the Elemental (the supposed "legendary "realm of gnomes, fairies, sylphs, etc.) and the Angelic Kingdoms, in concert with the Elohim, Adam's "parents" on Earth.


The Enlightening of Adam

The landscape temple made of stones and crystal, positioned at Dome centers, divinely empowered by the Elohim in concordance with the Elemental Kingdom, and ritually inhabited by consciously breathing humans, linked Heaven and Earth through Man.


The terrestrial temple also functioned as a Grid Door by which human consciousness, initially bounded by the Earth's gravitational/consciousness field, could actually exit this plane and enter "the realm of the Gods." Through this Grid Door, the Gods could also channel their spiritual vibrations and messages.

The ancient ziggurat, for example, was a Grid Door or Heaven/Earth mediator. The Akkadian/Babylonian name was zukiratu, which connoted "tube of divine spirit;" while in the Sumerian tongue, ziggurats were called ESH, which meant "supreme" or "most high" or "heat source". Moreover the ziggurat at legendary Nippur (at the northern confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers) was considered the Gods' headquarters, called KI.UR (or DUR.AN.KI) which meant "place of Earth's root" and "the place where the bond between Heaven and Earth rose", the place where there was a "heavenward tall pillar reaching to the sky."15 Clearly such a place was a major Dome center for Sumerian culture.

As the Irish myths attest, the s i dhe , or raised stone-and-earth barrow, was the home of the Tuatha de Danann, the sanctified, potent residence of the ancient Gods. Domed Newgrange, the Brugh na Boinne, was their principal home in old Ireland. The Gods, through their residences, were the source of wisdom for early reverential humankind, and while the Gods may have occupied their etheric palaces at the Dome centers, humans meanwhile, and afterwards, constructed physical temples to mark the spots and serve as a two-way swinging door.

So the Domes which brought Love from Above for Gaia's meridians, also brought wisdom to Adam, the early man/woman inhabitant. The Domes were the source of wisdom, the wise domes. Megalithic culture was a sacred milieue best described as megalithic, meaning the time of the Magus Stones.


But the agents of the Wise Domes, the Stone Magi (or Magicians), after a time judged it better to not leave their signature too prominently and removed the letter e, leaving us wisdom. But even in their omission did they leave their handwriting, for the e that was removed from the wise domes is the e of Elohim.

The Elohim also left the consciousness technology in place to facilitate the human retrieval of their angelic wisdom through the interdimensional structures positioned at the Dome sites. Stone Age indeed! The Elohim left a major calling card at Avebury, not the least tarnished after many millennia. Just as Avebury is central to the nature and operation of the Earth Grid, so it was, and remains, pivotal in the appearance (and eventual reawakening) of Adam, the first collective manifestation of physically individuated woman and man on Earth.


When we understand Avebury a little better, we can begin to answer the fundamental questions underlying all this complexity of life: Why is there a Grid at all? Why is there an Earth? Why is there human life?

Avebury Circle originally had 94 stones, of which 72 were created by the Elohim, and 22 were later imported from elsewhere. Encircling the Avebury Circle is a massive ditch (about 30 feet deep) bordered on both sides by an embankment. The ditch is like a huge groove running around the Circle; it has an intensely feminine vibration, like a river of soft silent light flowing whitely through the earthen channel, like a susurrus between embankments. Walking slowly through the ditch one senses the primal Mother is whispering here to her Children of the Circle.

At Avebury Circle the earth has been taken out of a whole and removed. We can look at the circle as a giant record. The ditch is the groove on the record. If we play the record with the needle of our Spirit, then we hear some "hi fi" angelic music. The 94 stones are the amplifiers for the music. The Stone Circle is thus an outdoor cosmic sound system, the site of the original Rock concerts.

Here we have the concept of geomantic harmonics at work. The stone circle has a specific pre-encoded resonance harmonic, a specific musically-enscribed message, or Song. The composite shape of the circle represents a frozen cymatic sculpture, a permanent landscape stereo record from the Spirit. The stone circle embodies a Tone dropped into the ethers of the Earth then molded terrestrially into a playable record. The ditch is the primary record groove, and the first wave trough emanating from the place where the "stone" tone was originally dropped into the site (i.e.,the center of the circle).


The Dome overhead is the bell that carries the tone when "struck" from Above by the musician. The Dome site channels this Tone through its geomantically calibrated musical instrument, the stone circle, and the encircling stones are the "wrap-around sound" loudspeakers. The particular size and structural complexity of the megalithic stone record is directly related to the evolutionary importance of the Sound recorded. The truly biggest hit tunes get the largest diameter stone circles.

Avebury is thus one of Gaia's largest stone records, occupying an area in Wiltshire of 28 1/2 acres, with a ditch circumference of 4/5 mile.


The 17th century British antiquarian John Aubrey, writing of Avebury, declared,

"Avebury doth as much exceed Stonehenge in grandeur as a Cathedral doth an ordinary Parish Church."

The 20th century British scholar Harold Bayley (writing in The Lost Language of Symbolism, 1913) corroborated Aubrey's enthusiasm, announcing "The English Temple of Abury (sic) typified not only Time but also the greater Absolute, the all-embracing and more awe-full Soul of time, the axis of Existence." Why is Avebury so important?

All the ley lines, it seems, lead to Avebury. All the energy in the Grid is focussed at Avebury Circle, our planetary Grid umbilicus. The purpose of Avebury is tuning human consciousness to its purpose on Earth. At Avebury resides the Earth-expression of the blazing Seed of divine Light. Within the human body, as the Grail Knight discovers, resides this same Light Seed, this fire of the Spirit, which we call the Nimitta or Blazing Star16.


This Seed, whether within the human or at Avebury, is the same Blazing Star. It is the same blazing crystal Seed from which both Gaia and Adam were physically born, birthed by the Elohim, whom Genesis, in the standard confusing and exoteric translations, calls God. More properly, the Elohim are God's agents, the Sons of Light, and the agents of our local creation.

This fundamental aspect of the Grid and human life will make more sense when we examine a few key words. Avebury, Adam, and Elohim, are coded symbolic words created by the Elohim through the sacred language of Qabala (which matches letters with numbers, i.e., gematria).

ADAM (1.4.40, technically written as ADM) means "the Aleph (A.1.) buried in the Blood of Earth (DAM, 4.40)." Aleph here means the Blazing Star of the eternal Spirit, the universal flame of the Nimitta, implanted as an imperishable seed of Light within the human body of clay and blood (DAM). In other words, the Kingdom of Heaven blazes within us as this Star (Aleph). AVEBURY is the place (BRY, 2.200.10) where the Aleph was implanted ( or buried) in Mother (AVE, 1.6.1) Earth. Avebury is the Mother's Village, the place of the Mother's berry, or seed.


Avebury, as the inner heart of Gaia, was Adam's heart/womb door, the terrestrial place where Adam first came into Earth incarnation from the Garden of Eden Above. Adam arrived with the Blazing Star burning like a blinding furnace within his/her mind/body complex. Adam appeared on Earth through Avebury as a terrific flame of Heaven walking in the form of the human. Avebury remains the place we can go to on Earth to remember our fiery, spiritual arrival on the planet.

ELOHIM, an angelic hierarchy, were the Creator Gods for Adam and Gaia, the master mancers of geo and soma. Elohim implemented the translation of the Blazing Star from the spiritual realms into the sentient, organic, evolving life form of Adam, following the same homology whereby the Aleph was clothed in planet Earth, becoming our sentient, organic, evolving life form of Gaia. Elohim, in a sense, supervised and midwived the co-creation of Adam and Gaia as homologous beings.

Let's examine this still more closely. This will clarify our composite model of the Grid, Earth, Adam, and Elohim. Light, in Qabala, is AWR or 1.62 (Technically, it's 1.6.200, but final zeros are redundant). AVE the Mother is 1.61. The phi ratio of the light spiral is 1.61 (or, precisely, 1.618034, which can be rounded off to 1.62).


Earth and Adam have a mathematically homologous relationship whereby ADAM is 144 and Earth, through its Grid (i.e., Electromagnetic 1746 Grid, the Golden Bowl, and Christ Body) is 1746. Both numbers are related through the phi ratio.

The Silver Cord, the primary dual-weaved umbilical electrical cable entering Avebury, is comprised of 666 (the solar Father of Light, the Seed, the Nimitta, Aleph, or Blazing Star,and golden line) and 1080 (the lunar Mother of Forms, and silver line). Their relation as polarized light (666/1080, positive/negative) is expressed as phi 1.61 while their summation is 1746, also a function of phi.


We have, then, Light (AWR 1.62) moving through the umbilicus as Electricity (positive/negative charges, expressed as 666/1080) and manifesting as Electromagnetism (the polarized north/south nodes of the 1746 Electromagnetic Grid, as manifested through the yin/yang qualities of the 12 Oroboros Lines). This channeling of Light to Electricity to Electromagnetism births physical Life, expressed as Adam and Gaia, as the bioorganic theater for their interplay, as mediated through the Megalithic Grid.

Earth, incidentally, is written in Qabala as ARTZ ( or ERTZ, 1.200.90, or 291, whose digits total 12, the prime number of the Oroboros Grid and Zodiac Temple), In terms of mythology, the Mother of Forms (1080) creates the Holy Grail to contain the Father's Seed of Light (666, Blazing Star), while the Elohim (angelic Grail Maidens) bring the Grail (now 1746, both Seed and Vessel) down to Earth (ARTZ, the 12-sided Grail Castle) for Adam (144), the Grail Knight and Grail Bearer.

But what creates the Light originally? What starts this whole generative procession culminating in Adam walking the Earth bearing the Grail?


Undifferentiated, undivided, inexhaustible, unfathomable Love from Above. Adam is the key to unlocking the secret of this light harmonic. The New Zealand Grid theorist Bruce Cathie speculates that "All the mathematical evidence so far indicates that the maximum number of individual elements to be found in the universe will be 144." Each element can have, theoretically, 6 isotopes, making 864 possible combinations.


Cathie proposes "144 octaves of separate substances" in which an octave is comprised of an element family of 6 isotopes each. Each electron cloud, or shell, as it expands outwards from the atomic nucleus, can accommodate a maximum of 8 electrons. Thus each shell expansion is a function of 8 (the original basis of the octave) and forms a new electron shell. This Cathie calls the "harmonic zone" or "light harmonic" totaling 144. "The light harmonic is then equal and the cycle has been completed. The whole series is a repetition of octaves of wave forms" whereby physical reality is "manifested by the concentrated interlocking of harmonic wave-forms."17

This is clearly controversial yet keenly intriguing. To date 107 elements have been discovered; this leaves 37 undetected, or should we more accurately say, "as yet unmanifested ?" The number 144, we've seen, is pivotal in the Grid and Adam. A closer look at our key numbers will amplify Cathie's suggestions.

How can we arrive at 144 elements? Let's postulate 18 solar octaves, as representing the maximum expressive potential of the solar Father (666, whose digits total 18) acting on the material archetypal Forms of the Mother. From the Mother of Forms, say the Qabalists, issues the heavenly Chariot (The Mother's sphere, Binah, the third Sephiroth, manifests the Hhayt. 8, a downward manifesting pathway called in Tarot the Chariot [See Diagram 7]).


The Chariot of Hhayt. 8 refers to the maximum number of electrons in an atomic shell thereby comprising an element as the fundamental form.


Now, let's rearrange the Periodic Table of the Elements, momentarily, and postulate 8 families of elements, each occupying 3 solar octaves. By the mathematics of light (18 x 8) we have the full light harmonic, 144, expressed as Adam, on Earth. Thus Adam 144, as a sentient, organic life form comprises, the full expressive potential for the 144 elements in this universe.


The 144 elements, themselves, represent the dramatic interplay (based on phi 1.61, as the unfolding physics of Light) of the Father 666 and Mother 1080. Their combined electrical impulse 1746 (i.e., the Grail with the Blazing Star inside) is the spark within the form of Life, for Adam and Earth. And in either case, the Elohim are the quantum midwives, heavenly benefactors,
and, literally, God-parents of this grand astrophysical experiment.

This complex, terrestrial drama all reduces to the number 9, called Tayt in Qabala. All the key numbers in this Light interplay of Earth, Adam, and the Grid, it seems, digitally total 9: 1746, 144, 1080, 666, 864, 83,808 (possible planetary dome caps), 20,736 (number of planetary Zodiacs multiplied by number of star effigies in each).


Even affiliate numbers all point to 9: 86,400 (average human heartbeats/day), 25,920 (number of years in one Great Zodiac Year), 4,320,000 (years in the Mahayuga, the Hindu cosmic time cycle) - not to mention the 9 month gestation time for humans. What, then, is the 9 that pervades the inner structure of the Grid?

We must turn to the Qabala for illumination of the 9. Tayt.9 represents the archetype of the primeval "feminine" formative energy, which draws upon the Hhayt. 8 (the storage sphere, or Chariot), of all undifferentiated energy, which derives from Binah (the Sephiroth of the Mother of Forms) to build structures. Tayt. 9 is the elementary "Female", the prodigious proliferator of elementary form units, individual cells, expressive composites created from the Mother's electron clusters of Hhayt 8. In Qabala Tarot symbolism (Tarot is a pictorial system directly related to the Tree of Life as a visual/intuitive series of life/drama depictions affiliated, in part, with the 22 pathways) Tayt.


9 is the Path of "Strength of the Lion." Each pathway on the Tree is "ruled" by a Zodiac House; Tayt. 9 is ruled by Leo, which in turn is ruled by the Sun. Tayt. 9 is often depicted in Tarot symbology as the Scarlet Woman (alive with the fire of Life) and is pictured as an ecstatic, nearly drunken, lascivious, scarlet-clothed, and most powerful primal woman astride a Lion/Serpent, holding its jaws open in triumph. In world mythologies, 9 is the number of "the Goddess Mother of the World," the "Great Goddess of Many Names," She who is Matrix of the cosmic life process, and, in Greece, it was the number of the Nine Muses, Daughters of Mnemosyne (Memory, i.e., Binah).

But what is the Strength of the Lion that our archetypal generatrix is riding triumphantly? Qabala symbolism interprets the Lion variously. Regulus, the heart of the Lion, is the brightest star in that constellation and Leo was anciently regarded as the beginning of the Zodiac Round. The Lion also represents the first formation of the human individuality projected into the world of Form (Geburah, 5th Sephiroth) from the realm of the Spirit (Chesed, 4th Sephiroth). The Lion, says

J.J. Hurtak, represents our Star Evolution, King Sun. Thus the entire solar reality, the Drama of the Nine, of our local Star Evolution system, is mathematically encoded into the light harmonic of Adam, Earth, Grid.


The 9 is the Logos of our Sun, his metaphysical calling card, his secret telephone number. We have, then, the physics, geometry, and gematria of the specific light harmonic (the solar octaves) of our King Sun, encoded synchronously and thoroughly throughout all form manifestations in our world, within all dramatis personae (like an ineradicable blood type or permanent thumbprint) of his solar Crystal Theater. Through our human lives as the Mother's Children on Earth, our local Mother, we myth-live, as divinely made holograms, the Light valency, or Mind/Body/Spirit, of our solar system, Tayt. 9, the Strength of the Lion.

This is the Drama of the Nine in short form: The (Love from Above) Light (AWR, 1.61, the Logos of Light, phi) Harmonic (Electricity, phi differentiated as 666/1080, into positive/negative charges) Expressed (through the Elohim, the angelic verb, agents of the implantation of archetypal life into temporal form) as Adam (144, the human electromagnetic fulfillment of all elemental expressive potentiality, as 18 solar octaves x 8 element families) on Earth (ARTZ, 291=12, the 12-fold Zodiac/Round Table/Planetary Grid matrix).


Thus do the Wise Domes of the Elohim teach us of the Lion's Play and purpose of Earth, Adam, and our loving bond, the Grid.



Adam's Geomancy

So Hermes throws the ball back to us. As humans we must all become geomancers for our Mother, Gaia, and for ourselves, Adam.

At the beginning of Time on Earth, the great geomancer Hermes arrived with the Elohim, the Sons of Light and Biblical "Giants in the Earth," and established the Global Hermetic Megalithic Calendar - the Grid. The Elohim further arranged for the human psyche to resonate in harmony with the Music of the Spheres as broadcast through our local twelve fold solar Round Table and as received through many radios of the templic stone grid. This was, supposedly, at the time of the second Dome Presence, just before Adam's Drama of the Nine was about to be staged. The Grid temple was designed to achieve the necessary biopsychic nexus between Heaven and Earth as embodied, as lived, as walked by Adam on Earth.

Thus Adam and Gaia were set in balance in an inextricable bond, as homologous manifestations and groundings of the same fundamental phi spiral of Light. The human psyche was wired into the Grid which itself was wired for sound as a sonic hologram of the Solar Logos. The planetary Grid and its local miniaturizations was the model/blueprint/directions for Home, Enlightenment, and Paradise. Through the Grid, Gaia and Adam were held in living harmony within the greater body of the solar system.

Thus we got off to a terrific start. After a while, the Elohim/Giants and their Domes departed. We were on our own. Human geomancers, trained under Hermes, and in cooperation with the Elemental Kingdom, assumed responsibility for Grid maintenance (which is to say, really, for individual and communal enlightenment) although they could still rely on assistance from Above - first, from the Elohim, who had returned to angelic form and residence, and second, from the widespread extra-planetary network of benevolent Space Brothers.


The presumed high civilization of Atlantis was the site of the Planetary College of Grid Magnetics graduating a succession of expert geomancers. The twelve-tiered Atlantean Temple of Oralin was geomancy headquarters, like a Pentagon for magnetic sciences. Here geomancers and magnetics technicians conducted continual analyses of Grid conditions, monitored terrestrial/solar energy fields, designed and installed various geomantic engineering instruments - -all as part of an overall program of maintaining a harmonious and fruitful planetary Grid system for the benefit of all beings.

We might construe these ultrascientific Atlantean Grid technicians as the archetypal computerized Druids, for even in later times, after the collapse of Atlantean high culture, the legendary Druids maintained the wisdom of the Grid and kept it in balance. The Druids fine-tuned the Earth Radio through all Her Dome receptor/dial sites and myriad transmission wires.

The Druid geomancers kept Gaia's biosphere humming with a steady stream of life-supporting, life-enriching, life-evolving energy transmissions from Above.

The Druids and Atlanteans understood well the reciprocal agreement. Through Hermes, Adam learned the divination of the Earth, the secrets of geomancy. But through Adam, Hermes expected the reciprocal divinization of the Earth through intelligent, loving application of geomancy. Why? Because, fundamentally, this program of reciprocal maintenance would bring about the mutual enlightenment of Mother Earth and Child Adam, which is what the Elohim intended, as part of the Master Plan, for this particular astrophysical experiment on Earth. Gaia, through Her Grid, maintains our Blazing Star. We, through our geomancy, maintain Gaia's Blazing Star.

But why need we be concerned today, in our comfortable Western society of personal computers, credit cards and new Volvos? Why should we bother with all this ancient history and idealistic grandeur from a remote Druidic past? Because many interlocking universal, galactic, solar, planetary, and human evolutionary cycles are all synchronously coming to fruition and conclusion at this the end of the 20th century.


Certain basic incarnational obligations all humans willingly agreed to, long ago, as a condition for inhabiting the Earth, have all come due. It's not a question of "the wrath of the Gods" or an "angry, displeased Jehovah". It's simply a matter of cosmic clockwork. A major cycle is nearly finished. New things are about to begin. All old business must be cleared up quickly. This kind of Grid teleology will assume sharper focus when we examine two further aspects of the Grid.

Planet Earth, within the theory of chakras, is the Muladhara Root Chakra in the Body of the Solar Logos. If we picture the solar system as a huge human-like figure, Earth sits very materially in the scrotum as the root energy center. The entire Earth Grid, in fact, is actually an organic multitiered model of the energy dynamics of a solar root chakra, functioning for the Sun just as Mt. Shasta functions for Gaia. What is the significance of the root chakra?

Sleeping within Gaia is the Goddess Kundalini, the tremendous creative, evolutionary spiritual energy that transfigures, when activated, the entire 7 chakra system - of the human, the Earth, the solar system.


Kundalini, the Indian Tantric texts inform us, is,

"She who maintains all the beings of the world by means of inspiration and expiration and (who) shines in the cavity of the root Lotus like a chain of brilliant lights."

Moreover, Goddess Kundalini "is the receptacle of that continuous stream of ambrosia which flows from the Eternal Bliss.


By Her radiance it is that the whole of this universe and this Cauldron is illumined."19 The sequence of chakra openings is reckoned as 2 through 7, then back to the root, from which the aroused Kundalini arises in a fiery burst like the soaring serpent and flames up the sushumna through the chakras illuminating everything with a divine light beyond brilliance. This is Gaia's potential and Her expected role in our local solar system.

Planet Earth is also the final Word in the Secret Name of God, called in Qabala, Tetragrammaton, the Word of Four Letters, i.e., YHWH (Yod-He-Wod-He, or Yahweh, or Jehovah, in translation). The Solar Logos, as we mentioned, can be modelled as a Tree of Life with Earth at Malkuth, the 10th Sephiroth.


The Tetragrammaton in part pertains to that composite ineffable resonance, or harmonic, of all levels of expression of this Tree. This includes the Four Elements (fire, air, water, earth) in all their dimensions of subtle and physical expression. The Father of Light (Chokmah) is Yod; the Mother of Forms (Binah/Saturn) is He (pronounced Hay ); the Soul of Adam (Tiphareth/Sun) is Wod; and Earth, the Body of Adam (Malkuth/Earth) is the final He.

The Earth is a Perpetual Choir in the solar system orchestra. Just as one stone circle on Earth is a cosmic Record, angelically recorded for Man, and just as individual stone circles are instrumental members of the planetary orchestra and all performing their parts of the overall solar symphony, so Gaia Herself is a planetary Record for those Above. Gaia is one Note singing proudly in the infinite space, finding its intended, necessary, and appropriate niche in the Music of the Spheres. When all the stone circle records are attuned, when the 12 Oroboric Lines resonate in equal measure through Avebury Circle, and when the necessary crystalline spirit needles are positioned throughout the Earth Record, then Gaia can sing He to the angels in Heaven.

This is the meaning of reciprocal harmonics. This is Adam's Geomancy. When Gaia sounds Her He in the Choir of the solar system, then the solar harmonic is completed. Then the solar octave is registered, every note, and altogether. Then everything begins to vibrate at a faster rate and the Solar Logos sounds His Note in the Galactic Choir - and so forth, into Infinity, as far as we're concerned.

This is why all the attention is focussed today on the Earth, on Her Grid. This is why the Space Brothers touch down so visibly into our third dimension, why so much interdimensional channelling (from Ascended Masters and angels, in particular) is happening today, why the Angelic Kingdom is returning to credible human awareness, why the Grid is coming into focus.

Everyone is waiting for us.

The Earth is one note in the solar choir. When Earth sounds Her He in the Choir, the light harmonic of this Star Evolution will be completed, in turn completing a more exalted light harmonic of which it is a part. The Earth and our King Sun are about to receive a major solar/spiritual initiation, one which will inaugurate a new Light valency, a new electromagnetic spectrum, which will be experienced by us as a quantum leap away from materialized consciousness into the free-floating fourth dimension.

This may sound remote, abstract, and unbelievable, too far away from ley lines, and therefore not worthy of our concern. Why should we be concerned, anyway?

Some time ago, it is believed, Hermes handed over his role as Gaia's Master Geomancer to his spiritual brother, the Archangel Michael. Michael, among other responsibilities, is called The Keeper of the Secrets of the Relations between Heaven and Earth; He is also the Tone Bearer for Earth and the Standard Bearer for the Christ, who is Adam's full potential, the source of the hologram of the Human. Michael approaches Gaia now with his Sword of Spirit poised for the initiatory stroke.


Already He has touched Gaia at the apex of Her fire/tetrahedron at Mt. Balsam Cone, North Carolina. Gaia's inner heart at Avebury is scheduled for imminent reactivation. The Grid, under structural reassessment, is also about to be "switched back on", full power, but at a higher vibrational rate. Theoretically, the Domes and Elohim will return. The ancient British festival of Michael Mass (known traditionally as Michaelmas, September 29) will be radically enriched in planetary meaning.

Both Gaia and Adam will remember the Blazing Star set as an imperishable Seed of Knowing and Bliss within their planetary and human bodies. We must again embody Adam (as the Blazing Star buried in the Blood of Earth) inhabiting Gaia (as the Blazing Star buried in the Clay of the Mother).

What will happen then? Anti-gravity! There will be a new Light/Life spectrum for Adam and Gaia, resulting in a change in, even transcendence of, the ancient gravitational field holding us down with iron guy-wires to the physical plane of Earth awareness. Recently a new elementary substance was discovered; it was found to have possible anti-gravity properties and was named levitonium. The scientists speculated that levitonium might be capable of powering rockets out of the Earth's gravitational field.

With a small measure of British-earned cheekiness, I now propose a term to describe the possibilities of anti-gravity within the terms of human experience: levitony. Levitony is a species of giddiness inspired by the angels - Elohim, if you like. It is an attitude, perhaps archetypal, of giggling detachment that lifts us right off the Earth in a free-floating feather of amusement and mirth, defying gravity, defeating the seriousness, the weightiness, the heaviness, of Earth life as we know it---those familiar "astrophysical consciousness parameters".

Levitony, I suggest with a cirrus-like grin,is native to our constitution, something we were naturally born with. With the bouyancy of levitony we will glide in Adam's transfigured Light Body high above dear Gaia and we will note She, too, is again looking pristine and sparkling in Her blazing light. She, too, once again, has become our Garden of Eden.




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