Why do the aliens choose certain people for abduction?

I believe there are several factors that the Grays look for in the people they abduct: telepathic ability (to eliminate that trait from the gene pool when the abductee is eventually harvested), fertility, taste, sufficient meat, and preferably having rh-negative blood. (This blood is missing a Rhesus monkey (rh) component and is more reptile-like.)

What have remote viewers seen regarding alien abduction?

The famous remote viewer Ingo Swann wrote an article titled “The UFO Extraterrestrial Problem” In the article he said we have a problem with the aliens because we are being sexually farmed and harvested, as testimony from many abductees has shown.


The ETs want our genetic material or something more sinister. Ingo says it is very obvious that we have a problem because the government covers up the situation, the UFOs attempt to confuse radar, and they covertly abduct thousands of people. He says the ETs use telepathy to communicate with us and if we can develop our own mind reading capabilities we could read their minds and see what they really want with us.


Ingo says he believes that the pressure to not develop our psychic skills comes from the ETs and eliminates our ability to assess them. He says we should meet their psychic power with our psychic power. We should fight fire with fire. He wants to get 100 people with proven telepathic skills together to focus on the ET problem and build up a database of information about the ETs and their agenda.

<What Ingo said that is of great concern to me is: ”As UFO-ET abductee evidence increasingly shows, we Earthlings are being sexually farmed, and harvested, without our cooperation, for our genetic materials and for purposes that are completely obscured by the ETs, and which must be considered ominous.">


He is relying on the three types of evidence he is privy to, not abductee testimony but his own remote viewing of what the aliens are doing in their bases and on their ships. He said on the Art Bell show that the US government had his remote viewers group view what the aliens were doing in their bases on the Moon. Ingo’s area of expertise is in finding facts by REMOTE VIEWING, not by debriefing abductees.


I have never heard him say that he even talked to an abductee. He really would not need to since he can remote view what is happening to the abductees. In remote viewing, Ingo is the best of the best. Remember too, he said “UFO-ET abductee evidence.” All three of those things are what he can REMOTE VIEW; the UFO, the ETs, and the ABDUCTEES. THAT is the evidence Ingo is working with. He can look inside the UFO and see the ETs and the ABDUCTEES. He can see inside the ET’s bases. No third party testimony is required.


He can WATCH what is going on in real time (that means as it happens). He said he is worried about what he saw on the Moon and “them.”

How are the Grays able to raise two-month-old hybrid fetuses after they are aborted from female abductees? Is there any evidence that Reptoids eat hybrid fetuses?

Unlike a purely human fetus, a hybrid fetus can be raised in a liquid nutrient tube or tank. They can absorb nutrients through their skin, just like the Grays. As a result, they can be put in a nutrient tank with no need for an umbilical cord, or intravenous feeding equipment.


Many abductees taken aboard alien ships have reported seeing hybrid babies floating in transparent tubes or tanks. As further proof they are nourished that way, female abductees have been asked by the Grays to feed older hybrid babies by painting liquid food onto the skin of the babies with a paintbrush. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of the blood drained from mutilated cattle is a major ingredient in that hybrid nutrient formula.


There are African tribes that survive quite well by drinking the blood of their cattle. If you will remember back to your biology class in school, even our own blood is the means by which nutrients are carried to all the organs and cells in our body. So using cattle blood to nourish the hybrids, feeds them not only the cows blood as a nutrient, but the nutrients that blood contained that were going to feed the cows from which it was taken. It is instant protein, minerals, and carbohydrates in liquid form. Now you know why the African tribes thrive on blood and find it so very nutritious. Blood is all that some species live on, like vampire bats. I’m convinced.

Next up on the food chain are the carnivore Reptoids. There is evidence that human fetuses, babies, and adult body parts have been harvested by the Reptoids for use as food. We do have images of Reptoids happily eating babies (see below picture of Mayan stone carved Reptoid head with baby in its mouth) and Reptoids eating humans that have been cut up into edible size pieces.

The Maya in Central America and the Anasazi in the US Southwest both have legends of being taken by the thousands into underground facilities by “ant people” and “lizard men.” Miles of underground tunnels have been found under Teotihuacan in Mexico. If the legends are correct, this was probably the site for the fetal and human harvests. Millions may have been harvested directly over the years for food, without the need to breed hybrids, as there are no Mayan or Anasazi legends of hybrid fetuses, babies, or adults.


Other cultures too have legends of babies and children being permanently abducted. The Irish have legends that infants and children are routinely taken by the “little people.” We do something similar with our cattle. Veal is meat taken from very young calves. We do cattle ranching, the aliens do fetal ranching. The Grays are running fetal feed lots on some of their abduction ships and in underground bases. The aliens may have even structured various ancient societies around the world to supply them with live children and adults.


Many cultures from ancient China to Imperial Rome had the practice of taking sickly or unwanted babies, children, and old people to the city trash dumps and leaving them to die. The ancient Greeks would take unwanted babies and old people to the mountains and leave them there. Maybe there really were gods living on Mount Olympus. Hungry gods.


So hungry that they even abduct young girls and start their menstrual cycle at age eight so that they can use them to breed more fetuses. This program was noticed by myself and a MUFON researcher. Female abductees who had been taken young had their cycle started young. One lady told me she had an uneasy feeling that she had been repeatedly impregnated during abductions since age three.

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Why would the aliens put implants in so many people?

Over 5 million people have been abducted and implanted in the US alone. They represent a broad cross section of human society and species DNA. Since their implants can be used to control a person’s thoughts and actions, there is a good possibility that the implantees will be forced to assemble in groups for collection by larger ships, to be transplanted to another hospitable planet elsewhere along the Reptoid’s travel routes. The people would be used as breeding stock to populate their new home world for the Reptoid’s usual purposes.

Some abductees seem to have high power implants. Why do they effect electronic and electrical equipment?

An abductee I know asked me about a phenomenon that her implant may have been causing. She said that when she would walk down the street at night, streetlights would flare and blow out as she passed by them. She said if she was near small portable radios and CD players, they would get a lot of static. If she held the radio up to her head, the static got far worse. There was a noticeable effect on her TV picture if she was near it.

She said light bulbs in her house would sometimes blow out if she was near them, and others she had to replace more often than average. A compass points to north normally when it is near her or while she is holding it, so it is not a magnetic effect. She said for many years she often felt like an engine running on high idle.


She said she had a weird kind of physical feeling that often interferes with her ability to relax enough to fall asleep and stay asleep. She also gives off mini electric shocks (like static electricity) easily, even in warm humid weather. I suspect this may be caused by her implant. When it was hooked to her nervous system by the aliens, they may not have checked to see if the voltage was being regulated correctly that was being drawn from her nervous system.


As a result her implant could be putting out strong energy pulses on a very high frequency that overloads nearby light bulbs, much like a power surge in electric lines will burn out lights, electronics, etc. I suggested she buy a frequency counter at Radio Shack and see what frequency the implant was transmitting on. Since the implant sends telemetry to the aliens, there is a chance the boosted output signal (from too much power coming in from her nervous system) is being fed back to her nervous system at the higher frequency and putting more electric energy back into her nervous system.


I told her she was having her nervous system electrically charged by her implant and was turning into a human electric eel. It is like an electric eel that could send its charge through the air instead of the water, and in the form of radio waves. A few years ago a Nobel Prize was won by a scientist for discovering that individual cells in the human body gave off radio signals. In the book “Secret Life Of Plants,” experiments have shown that plants are telepathic with each other and us, even out to great distances. Looks like there is a lot of radio traffic out there from living organisms of all types.


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Is our government cooperating with the Reptoids and delivering bodies to them?


There were secret military operations in Central America that dumped dead bodies at sea. I don’t believe our military made a deal with the Reptoids. The practice of killing large numbers of communists in Central America in joint operations with local government forces and dumping the bodies from helicopters out over the ocean was similar to what the Argentine government used to do. They would take leftists and communists that they had arrested, drug them, and dump them from airplanes way out over the Atlantic Ocean. They were still alive when dropped off.


Many thousands were disposed of that way. Those are not the only water-related disposals. In the tribal war in Africa between the Tutsis and Hutus, 500,000 people were killed and their bodies dumped in the river. In wartime, where there is usually great loss of life, all navy casualties are buried at sea. When ships are sunk, a lot more bodies go into the sea. There may be a connection between these practices and the Reptoid food-gathering program.


Recently sonar operators in the US Navy reported that a few years back USOs (unidentified submerged objects) were detected, some going as fast as 600 MPH underwater. Any human bodies put into the water could be recovered by these craft. They could easily follow any helicopter or plane and not be noticed when they gathered the human chum cast on the water. Somebody put the idea into someone’s head to dump bodies at sea, and to carry out other similar permanent funeral practices. It is easy with electronic mind control.


The Vikings went even further in preparing human food for the Reptoids. They would put their dead in boats, set the boat on fire and push it out to sea. The Reptoids would be treated to a warm meal in the cold north. That makes me wonder if the lemmings that run into the sea in the millions every so often are being controlled by the Reptoids to do it. The lemmings might be tasty snacks to the Reptoids. Just a thought. There have been many funeral practices around the world that serve up the deceased in an easy to pick up format.


Indians in North America and nomadic tribes in Siberia both laid out their dead on elevated platforms. In sections of Tibet to this day, the deceased is dismembered and the body parts are fed to vultures and other scavengers. Any leftover bones are ground to a powder and mixed with barley and grain and that is also fed to the vultures. Eventually there is nothing left. MREs for vultures. What a concept.

It has been rumored that the large triangular and arrowhead shaped craft sighted floating very slowly over the US are “stealth blimps.”

I have come up with some very interesting information about the rumor (or disinformation) that had been circulating on the Internet, that large craft seen at night were US military “stealth blimps,” aircraft designed to stay up at slow speeds a long time to patrol or whatever. These very large craft resemble the large arrowhead and triangle shaped craft that have been seen nationwide going very slow AND fast.


An abductee I know in Alaska had told me that whenever those large craft are approaching he could hear a loud tone in his ear (from his implant) when they are as much as 2 hours out. He then goes outside and can watch them approaching and flying over. When the craft fly over, the electromagnetic signature they put out is so strong that he said, “when they are overhead another feeling goes through my body, it’s like an endorphin rush.”


On approach the craft are moving at about 300 MPH. They were all on a flight path for landing at Elmendorf AFB and Eileson AFB. What this indicates to me is that these craft are not blimps due to their speed, and the drive engines are causing the effects on my friend’s implant.


The craft are also totally quiet. Conventional engines in a blimp would make noise. There is no need for a large slow target like a blimp to be used in any conventional type war scenario. Surveillance missions for a craft like that would be better carried out by satellites or AWACs planes that are not so vulnerable to enemy attack. A blimp bomber or fighter would be an easy large slow target for an enemy surface to air anti-aircraft missile. Therefore these craft are not blimps. I guess you can say I shot down the stealth blimp.


The very latest rumors, mostly snippets of information, are that the triangular craft are deployed on a specific mission. The rumors say they are used for global surveillance, intelligence gathering and even world domination with nuclear weapons.

They are calling it “StratoPark” because it remains in the upper stratosphere for extended periods of time, just “parked” up there. It is supposed to be a few kilometer long spaceplane-dirigible with rocket propulsion, occupying a “retrograde orbit,” flying at Mach 1.33 (one and a third times the speed of sound), orbiting Earth in 24 hours in a reverse orbit.


By using a 24-hour orbit, the craft can always stay on the night side of the Earth, while overflying the entire Earth every day. One of the manufacturers of the giant spaceplanes is reportedly Westinghouse Electric Corp. My take on this is that the craft are not dirigibles, but the same large triangle craft seen by my friend in Alaska about a year ago. I believe the “blimp” and “dirigible” designations have been “leaked” as disinformation to throw off anyone from determining that these craft are fully capable spacecraft, with advanced propulsion systems, not “rocket power,” which is more disinformation. They aren’t rocket or jet powered as they operate silently.


Now, the station keeping on the dark side of the Earth may be an operational method to neutralize a threat that typically occurs after dark, namely alien abduction. The aliens almost always come in under the cover of darkness to abduct people. By continually keeping watch above the dark side, these craft that are “parked there” would be in an excellent position to survey, pursue, and neutralize any alien craft below them. My Alaskan friend observed when one of those triangle craft came in for a landing at Elmendorf AFB, it had many smaller craft come out from a central hatch on the underside and they preceded the craft in to the base.


This sounds like the space equivalent of an aircraft carrier, I will call it a “spacecraft carrier.” The smaller spacecraft would be analogous to fighter aircraft off of an aircraft carrier that would be sent out to pursue and take out alien craft. The low orbital position of these large sentinels would allow them a higher probability of shooting down alien craft because they would be able to target them when they enter or leave our airspace. Incoming alien craft can be intercepted and deterred.


If they did get through and carry out any hostile acts, they can be terminated on their way out. It is like having a CAP (Combat Air Patrol) over the night side of the Earth to defend the area from any incursions. Additionally, our craft can land at night when they fly back over our territory. This gives them all night to refuel and rearm and get back up into the nightside. This is the ultimate “Fly By Night” operation.

If the US military is building up a defense force of ARVs (alien reproduction vehicles) and other advanced weapons systems, where are the funds coming from? Doesn’t Congress have to specifically appropriate funds for each military branch and project?

Congress does appropriate money to the military, but once the military has the money they do whatever they want with it. To cover their tracks, the military does not keep accurate records of how the money is spent.

There is a lot of creative and nonexistent bookkeeping going on. On March 4, 2000, the Associated Press issued a news item about this practice. Here is the entire article:

Pentagon’s Finances In Disarray
(Associated Press)

Washington -

The military’s money managers last year made about $7 trillion in adjustments to their financial ledgers in an attempt to make them add up, the Pentagon’s inspector general said in a report released Friday. The Pentagon could not show receipts for $2.3 trillion of those changes, and half a trillion dollars of it was just corrections of mistakes made in earlier adjustments. Each adjustment represents a Defense Department’s accountant’s attempt to correct a discrepancy.


The military has hundreds of computer systems to run accounts as diverse as health care, payroll, and inventory. But they are not integrated, don’t produce numbers up to accounting standards and fail to keep running totals of what’s coming in and what’s going out, Pentagon and congressional officials said. “These ($6.9 trillion in) entries were processed to force financial data to agree with various data sources, to correct errors and to add new data,” the inspector general said. The military says it owns $119.3 billion in ships, trucks, jet engines and more.


But its inspector general said he could not verify that because records lacked supporting documentation. The US military’s financial records are not in good enough shape to face an audit, let alone pass one, the inspector general said. As jumbled as its books are, the Pentagon is not alone: only 11 of 24 big federal agencies could produce reliable financial statements for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, said Sen. Fred Thompson, R. Tenn., chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs committee.


Still, the Pentagon had much more not to account for than the other 10 agencies.

The military says it spent $275.5 billion in fiscal 1999, just under half of the $575 billion Congress appropriated for the federal government, according to Lisa Jacobson, director of defense financial audits at the General Accounting Office. The GAO is Congress’ auditing arm.


The inability to account for where the money went doesn’t just make the military less efficient, she and others said, but also makes the armed forces less responsive to the will of Congress. Without sound costing data, the Pentagon can’t make good decisions, they contend. For example, they say, the military can’t measure the results of closing a base; can’t effectively decide whether to contract out a service; and may inaccurately peg the cost of programs under debate.


“Last year, the Defense Department corrected errors in its bookkeeping that totaled $2.3 trillion -more than the entire federal budget,” Thompson said in a statement, calling them “changes made to plug holes for things they couldn’t explain.”


“Congress is not assured that DOD is spending money in accordance with its wishes,” the GAO’s Jacobson said.


Despite their criticisms, Jacobson and others say the Pentagon is improving. Its comptroller, William Lynn, said in a statement that the military’s computer systems are good enough to make it accountable to Congress.


But he added: "Unfortunately, they do not do a good job of producing financial statements."

The first-year agencies were required to say whether their books could be audited was fiscal 1996. This is the fourth consecutive year the Pentagon has answered no.

"When you spend money, you account for it -- that is required in the federal government," Jacobson said. "But DoD doesn't have that. They just say, ... 'We had money, we spent it.'

"Then they try to go back later and say how they spent it and try to pull the balance sheet together."


<End Article>

As you can see, the military can pay for a lot of very expensive advanced top secret hardware and not have to account for it. This goes beyond creative bookkeeping. It is virtually nonexistent bookkeeping. If the GAO or Congress want to know where certain funds went, the military tells them what they want to hear by creating after the fact records.


I am not complaining about this practice. Just like the military’s propaganda war to cover up everything from the public, Congress must be kept in the dark too. They are, after all, the representatives of the people. If any of them found out what the military was really doing and hiding, it would become PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. Then the aforementioned panic, religious riots, and social upheaval would commence.


The Brookings Report was right. It would really cause a panic if the whole truth were known. They think the “cattle” would actually stampede.

In another recent newspaper article it was stated that the US Air Force did not hire 2000 needed personnel in 1999 because they needed the 170 million dollars that was saved by not hiring them to buy badly needed aircraft parts due to President Clinton having slashed all military budgets.

Was Bob Lazar a real physicist who back engineered UFO propulsion systems at Area 51?

Bob Lazar probably really worked at Area 51, S-4 as a lowly technician, but added a lot of “misinformation” to his educational background to seem more educated, with a degree in physics, to help sell his story. The government understandably continues to deny that a Robert Lazar ever worked for them at S-4.


They don’t want to admit S-4 exists. I believe the government really screwed up with Bob Lazar by denying he worked for them anywhere. Lazar has his W-2 form which shows he did work for them. If he worked as a janitor in the rest rooms and it was backed up by employment records, the government could say that’s all that he did, and he doesn’t know anything. Since they won’t even reveal WHAT position he held, they ARE hiding something. In other words if they said he was on janitor’s pay scale, sooner or later a real janitor would pop up on network news and say “that can’t be true, I’m a janitor and I only made $12,000. that year.


The figures don’t match so the government’s lying.” Since the government wanted to keep it all secret, they couldn’t say anything or they would be trapped in their own lie.

Skeptics have said that Bob Lazar created fake W-2’s himself to make people think he worked at Area 51. Could he have faked them?

I would doubt it. There is probably is a law against counterfeiting W-2s. If the feds could prosecute him for that, they would have. It was reported that Lazar went to the IRS and they certified the W-2 was real by the code #’s on it.


The IRS worker said that the code for the exact site of employment was classified top secret in their computer system and blocked them from finding out exactly where it was. Bob Lazar even got the printout of the IRS search as documentation. The credibility here seems to be all in favor of Lazar.

It has been rumored that the US government has been using ARVs and Gray clones to abduct and breed humans to create hybrids, and that the government later gathers the hybrids from the pregnant abductees themselves. Some think that this is a program to turn the public against the real Grays, as a pretext for giving large sums of money to the military industrial complex for armaments. If they are doing abductions, why?

I have thought long and hard about this. I believe the real Grays were breeding hybrids to assist in the harvest of humans, and in their meat packing and food preparation facilities which are probably located at an underground base on the Moon. Ultimately when the hybrids have “outlived” their usefulness, they will be processed also.


So basically the Grays breed hybrids as both a labor source and food source. The big question is why would the government need to breed hybrids. It’s not for food. I believe that if we were breeding hybrids, it would be to provide an expendable labor force that no one on Earth would miss. So what would be the job of the hybrids we breed? There are two possibilities: production workers, and military personnel.


(It has been stated by several experts that the Grays are clone drones, genetically altered and bred for work in a space environment. They absorb nutrition through their skin. They have no internal waste elimination system, so they most likely excrete waste through their skin. That would make for less plumbing required in a spacecraft).


If we copied the idea of breeding hundreds of Gray and hybrid military personnel, it would give us an expendable military force that would fight for us, and never be missed if lost in action. If used as factory workers, even if they were lost in a factory accident, no one would miss them. Plus there is no payroll to worry about. They wouldn’t need money if all their needs were provided for.


We know what the military hybrids could be used for. But what would factory hybrids produce in, let’s say, underground production facilities? I believe they would be used to mass-produce RF weapons systems and other types too. They may also be used to assemble deep space war craft from parts supplied by aerospace subcontractors. That’s my best guess.


There is another possible reason our own government breeds hybrids. When the Reptoids show up in force, they will be given the hybrids we have raised. Combined with the hybrids the Grays have raised, maybe just maybe, it will meet the food needs of the Reptoids. And nobody will miss any of the hybrids. It is a horrible thought.


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Skeptics have claimed the famous STS-48 Space Shuttle videotape just shows space debris or thruster exhaust. What is seen exactly?

What is seen is a large saucer shaped craft rising out of the atmosphere at approximately 18,000 miles per hour. Suddenly the craft made a 145 degree right turn and instantaneously quadruples it’s speed to 72,000 miles per hour. It streaks quickly out of sight. About one second later a bolt of energy comes up through the clouds and passes exactly through the last position the alien craft occupied before it made its evasive maneuver. The action that was videotaped was of an actual alien craft that was being shot at with a particle beam weapon.


The incident took place as the shuttle passed over Australia and New Zealand. What was seen was not debris, ice, thruster rocket exhaust, or “intelligent frozen urine.” In zero gravity, space debris and ice particles that float near a shuttle twist and turn in a random fashion. The “alien craft” did not exhibit any visual characteristics that were even close to the way debris acts. The shuttle’s position-keeping thrusters are not rockets.


They use highly compressed gas that is invisible and does not give off any particles. The thrusters did not fire during the taping of the video either because if they had fired, the entire view framed by the window would have jogged and shifted as the craft moved. That did not occur. It was around 16 minutes later that the thrusters did fire and the camera view then jogged and shifted.


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If the aliens are so advanced, why haven’t they invaded Earth and taken over in the past when we were militarily weaker?

Invade what? The Grays claim they “own” us. If we are the cattle that they own, what is there to invade? Would a cattle rancher invade his own ranch to take it over? All of the Earth has been a working ranch for the aliens for over 80,000 years. Nobody has taken the ranch away from the aliens yet. If we get full control of Earth’s approaches and deny them access, then they might invade.


The main product of Earth they are interested in is the “human cattle” that they harvest as needed. We are the ultimate free-range chickens. They are not interested in Earth’s natural resources, minerals, oil, or vegetable matter. They only show interest in humanity and cattle. Those products are readily available for pick up without the need for invasion. Look how easily they abduct people and cattle now.


The aliens don’t even need to dominate and enslave us to enforce breeding. We do that well enough on our own. No need for additional alien “manpower” to start an enslavement system. We can’t run away. We are trapped on this planet. We are the “slaves” of gravity. To date, only 400 astronauts have gone into space. None of them have left the planet permanently. We’re all still trapped here. I hope you understand the “gravity” of the situation.

Have the aliens ever used mind control on political, religious, military, or royal leaders to further the alien agenda?

I will have to say yes to this question. There are too many instances in history when leaders heard voices or saw signs that directed them to lead their people to slaughter in a major war, civil war, crusade, or jihad. Other leaders purposefully pulled strings and pushed buttons to bring about wars, while playing the injured victim to their own people. Just a few dozen leaders led their people to slaughter big time.


They were the ultimate “Judas Goats.” Some examples of recent political leaders were Hitler, Stalin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt forced the Japanese into a corner where they had no option except to attack us. Hitler heard voices. We know what he did. Stalin had 5 million Russian peasants killed so the state could seize their land, and another 5 million Russians for other reasons.


I have learned from the example of Salman Rushdie that it is not a good idea for a writer to say the wrong things about religions or religious leaders. So I won’t. The only religions I have discussed are the old heathen religions that had human sacrifices. Even those I did not criticize. You never know when one of those old time religions might start up again.


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