Presenter of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge



Marshall Vian Summers has a big job to do. His task is to provide a new understanding about our spiritual reality and about our destiny within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. Through his dynamic teaching and inspired writings, he imparts the awareness that we are not alone in the universe or even within our own world and that there is a greater Knowledge within us that we must find in order to restore our world and to prepare for the challenge and the reality of Contact.


In 1975, Marshall ended his career as a special educator for the blind and began teaching the principles and practices of Inner Knowing and Inner Guidance. Beginning in 1983, he began to record a series of profound insights about the future of humanity and about the greater spiritual power of Knowledge that lies hidden within us. For the next decade, along with a small group of students, he began to explore the meaning of a "Greater Community Teaching" and its remarkable impact on our relationships, work, health and spiritual awareness.

Now for the first time, The Greater Community Way of Knowledge is being presented to the world through his books:


  • The trilogy STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE: The Book of Inner Knowing


  • His new book THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY.

Marshall is the founder of The Society for The Greater Community Way of Knowledge, a religious non-profit organization, whose mission is to teach people to discover their hidden Knowledge and to prepare for our emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life. Marshall lives in seclusion with his wife in the Rocky Mountains.

"I am not a guru, saint or avatar. I am a messenger with a vital message for the people of the world. I have come to speak about the reality of life in the Greater Community and the greater spiritual understanding we must cultivate if we are to advance and remain free in the presence of greater forces within our midst. This is why I am here and this is what I have to teach."

Marshall Vian Summers