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Did the Devil Originate at the Time of Jesus?
(How the Passion Play and Religion Ruled the People for Ages)

This Awareness indicates that the Lucifer terminology as that which related to the Babylonian god; that this term Lucifer as in reality meaning light. This Awareness indicates that the term "devil" as that which came from the Hindu devas; that these as gods or certain types of spiritual beings who were rulers of various concepts and ideas akin to the Hindu philosophy, that the Christians, and many other religious philosophies, borrowed from other various mystery schools around the world to put together the philosophy.

This Awareness indicates essentially, the entity Jesus traveled during the missing years from place to place and studied in mysteries schools, in secret schools, the teachings; this include Egypt, including India, including Tibet and Persia, as well as the Babylonian and Hebrew philosophies. This Awareness indicates that likewise; the location of the Middle East made this the crossroads for many various religions between the Orient, Tibet, India and Egypt, and therefore, much of the Hebrew philosophy of the time was greatly influenced by these various religions.

This Awareness indicates that essentially, religions ruled the people's minds as much as, if not more so, than present economic and political systems rule the people's minds today. That therefore, a society during those times would pick and choose various religious aspects from different origins and put together their particular religious belief system in order to control the masses; not too unlike nations today, which pick and choose from political systems in order to set up a proper system for controlling the masses.

This Awareness indicates that the Hebrew religion borrowed heavily from concepts of the Egyptians and Babylonians, but of course, in order to make this individual for their own people, names were changed and altered; likewise, the Christian religion borrowed from the Mithraism, the Gnostics, the Jamins, the Sadducees and from Tibetan and Indian religious systems. This Awareness indicates it also borrowed from the Caldean and Babylonians and brought these together to form a structure which became a lifestyle. This particularly drew on the Essene system for lifestyle which, in turn, was compiled from various teachings, these various Essene teachings drawing heavily from what the entities felt to be the most compatible for their needs.

How the Devil Began

This Awareness indicates that the tendency of religions of that time was to imply that theirs was the best and others were in error. (This Awareness indicates this may be somewhat strange to modern religion followers to think that such concepts ever existed) This Awareness indicates however, that at that time, the various religions would tend to make the deities of other religions appear to be as false gods, while their religious deities were true gods. That in this sense, the term "deva" of the Hindu philosophy became gradually distorted and translated to "devil." This Awareness indicates however, that the concept of a devil in a personified sense such as is commonly understood in fundamentalist teachings today, did not really begin taking root in its present sense until centuries later.

This Awareness indicates that during the Medieval times when various artists would draw these principles into personified beings, they draw heavily from the Greek concept of Pan, the Greek Pan being part goat and part human; that this entity often depicted as having horns and a tail. This Awareness indicates that this, in turn, led people to believe that the devil was an entity with horns and a tail.

This Awareness indicates that the term "scapegoat" and the concept of the devil being symbolized by a goat, this all closely related to the confusion of Pan and that which is the concept of the devil , along with the belief that some entity runs around calling himself "devil' and others, recognizing him in passing, refer to him as "the devil" - "There goes the devil."

This Awareness indicates that this as but a creation of the human mind. That there are, in fact, beings who have a negative nature who are identified with the darkness of those qualities which entities associates with as evil. This Awareness indicates there are entities even who move into such identification with these forces as to personify the Force of Darkness. This Awareness indicates that in various teachings of pagans and witchcraft there may also be entities who, identifying so much with the dark forces using the symbol of the goat-man as an image of the devil, may even get into the practice of devil worship.


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