by Anonymous Coward
December 2, 2004

from GodLikeProductions Website

There is a strong link in the quatrains between the advent of Nostradamus’ comet (’bearded star") and war in the Mediterranean. What isn’t clear from Nostradamus is exact times, though he does provide a ’time frame’ which puts us in 2004 right in the middle of his end time predictions.

I think too that there are a number of ’Nostradamus’ in the world today (David Booth?) that because of the religious/political climate are not able to speak in anything other than coded messages.

On Booth’s site he has posted, "Antares Occultation on January 7, 2005" on his front page. The information about this comet is NOT on his front page but on a ’secondary’ one.

Is this significant? I don’t know but if his site is indeed a ’coded’ one, like many believe, then this would make sense and is showing that this comet is an ’event’ that though ’secondary’ is nonetheless an ’important’ marker in a ’timeline’ known to those that are ’knowledgeable’ about these events.

I alone could fill up volumes with the historical/mythological significance of a 2,000 year comet transiting Orion and the Pleiades!

Like many of you who also know David Booth, I have always been more than skeptical about him, but something about him, his ’story’, the ’dates’ he has given (that haven’t really ’predicted’ anything, other than vague ’warnings’ of mass death and destruction) his ’here one minute/gone the next’ appearances on the ’public stage’ and the ’strange’ family ’connections’ associated with him make me really, really wonder what is the truth.

Being more familiar (by far!) with Nostradamus I’ve begun to see certain similarities between them.

The both ’lived’ during periods of great world changes with ’death’ around just about any corner one would turn. They both felt/feel ’compelled to impart their ’knowledge’ but because of the politics and religion of their times would be persecuted if they did so.

"Some called Nostradamus a simple visionary, or, in coarser phrase, a fool; others accused him of magic and of being in too close treaty with the Devil"

"He (Nostradamus) kept them (his predictions) by him for a long time, half afraid to risk the publication; he foresaw there was danger, and that it would lead to infinite detraction, calumny, and backbiting, as indeed it finally fell out."

The significant differences between the two though can be, in my own opinion, attributed to the vast difference in time each of them were faced with when imparting what they knew. It’s as if David Booth has ’condensed’ into a year what to Nostradamus would have been two decades. (Rise-fall-rise-fall-rise)


Central to both of them were their ’first’ verifiable predictions.

  • With Nostradamus he had correctly foretold the ’tragic fates’ of Francis II., Charles IX., and Henry III thus ’endearing’ him to the royals.

  • With Booth he remains the only person to have had verified prior to the event (modern times) a prediction of a future event (May 25, 1979, Chicago, American Airlines disaster) and by no less than an agency of the government. (Which in and of itself at least ’alludes’ to a higher ’connection’ of sorts between him and the ’rulers’.)

Both Nostradamus and David Booth also had/have an almost ’lost’ ancient knowledge relating to ’signs in the heavens’ as foretelling events here on earth. It’s more than a coincidence that the dates Booth has given publicly also coincide with some pretty ancient astrological knowledge that was known not only by Nostradamus but goes back to the Druids.

It is also important to realize that the programs David Booth utilized for ‘releasing’ his ‘information’ were also his accomplices.

Here is just one example from an interview David Booth had with Jeff Rense (

David Booth’s
April 20 - May 20
Tragedy Window

Booth: People, if they want to really start worrying? Start worrying about between April 20 and May 20... the world’s going to change, you know, in the next, you know, 40 days.

Rense: In the next 40 days, from April 20th to May 20th, a lot of people are going to ...have matriculated out of here.

Booth: Oh, absolutely.”

A quick hearing of this conversation would apparently lead you to believe that David Booth is predicting a disaster that would occur between the dates he had stated and that ‘a lot’ of people would die.

But that is not what was said. Hearing this exchange (and the pause Jeff Rense has right before he states, “…have matriculated out of here.” Is accurately documented in the written transcript) Jeff Rense uses a very particular word to add emphasis to the dates David Booth had given, ‘matriculated’.

And that word is both a ‘key’ and a ‘clue’ because it has one, and only one, meaning:

MATRICULATE: To admit or be admitted into a group, especially a college or university, derived from the Medieval Latin diminutive of matrix.

MATRIX: A situation or surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained.


(A purely subjective observation also is the pause before Jeff Rense saying the word was like someone reading from a script.)

What a very strange word to use. A lot of people between the dates of April 20th and May 20th are going to be admitted to a group? A group of what?

So let’s look at the dates David Booth gave, do the dates of April 20th and May 20th have any significance? Well, only if you’re knowledgeable about the ancient Druids it turns out. Both April 20th and May 20th are New Moon dates and ‘bookend’ a Druid month!

Now the almanacs one would currently consult would show the New Moon dates and times as follows: APR. date:19th hour:13 minute: 21/ MAY date:19th hour:4 minute:52. So, why the discrepancy of David Booth being one day off of the exact day, stating the 20th instead of the 19th? Would he actually have forgotten that ‘small’ fact?

Not even close because the Druids believed in a duality to everything so for every date they also had a ‘soul’ date that ran parallel, but one day separated from ‘real’ events.

Though much is more unknown about the Druids then known, here are a few ‘comments’ about them from those who knew them much better than we can.

“The Druids were possessed of "... much knowledge of the stars and their motion, of the size of the world and of the earth, of natural philosophy... and in reckoning birthdays and the new moon and new year their unit of reckoning is the night followed by the day..."
Julius Caesar

“The Druids are prophets because "...they can foretell certain events by the Pythagorean reckoning and calculations..."

“The Druids measured time using a lunar calendar "... for it is by the moon that they measure their months and years and also their ages of 30 years..."

But in our world today here is what ‘connects’ the Druids, Nostradamus and David Booth, the art of scrying.

"Great prophets and seers, with most all using some form of scrying have come and gone throughout history. In Greek, Roman and Celtic eras prophesies were made by oracles while scrying into lakes, pools, or large bowls of water or ink. The Egyptians studied and practiced dream scrying and the Druids were renowned for and practiced cloud scrying.

Arguably the most well known and famous prophet, Nostradamus, is said to have used a black obsidian mirror as well as a dish filled with ink to make famed predictions.”


(Scrying is the name given to the ancient technique of gazing into an object such as a crystal ball - or skull -  for the purposes of divination)

The conclusions I’ve reached based upon my research clearly show that David Booth’s first prediction not only preceded the event happening but was in fact verified by the Federal Aviation Administration to, among others, The Cincinnati Enquirer, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Omni Magazine, 20/20 News Program, BBC, In Search Of , That’s Incredible, Arthur Clarke’s Mysterious World and Playboy Magazine, all of which did feature and prominent stories about David Booth spanning the years between 1979-1985.


(Note: The BBC featured David Booth in a program taped in 1999 that Booth never gave permission to air in the United States.)

What has been happening over this past year since David Booth ‘released’ his vision of 2003 relating to a large celestial body having a close encounter with planet earth is an ‘apparent’ scouring of Internet resources relating to David Booth’s first prediction. One example is the premier research site after having over 300 public references to David Booth now show none. Why? More important to ask would be who, or what organization, is able to achieve this type of ‘scrubbing’?

(Note: One of most informative written articles about David Booth’s first prediction was featured in the March, 1980 edition of the men’s magazine Playboy and titled: "Bad Dreams in the Future Tense" by Walter L. Lowe. Playboy magazine was headquartered in Chicago at the time of the 1979 American Airline disaster and had more than a passing interest in David Booth as this article shows. This issue is available through online companies dealing in past issue magazines, such as: and

(Note: The ”In Search Of” television program that featured David Booth was titled “Air Disaster Predictions” A study of reports that major air crashes have been "seen" or predicted beforehand in nightmares. This series can be seen at times in reruns and features in depth interviews with Federal Aviation officials Paul Williams, FAA Administer for the Greater Cincinnati Airport and Jack Barker, FAA Regional Director based in Atlanta, Georgia.)

There is no discussion having to do with David Booth that can leave out the allegations of plagiarism surrounding his 2004 book, Code Red: The Coming Destruction of the United States, 2004. But before addressing my research on that issue it’s important to realize what his book is about, or rather what it is not about.

With David Booth releasing the information about his second ‘dream/vision’ one would have expected his book to be about that subject, but it wasn’t. What the book was instead about, at first glance, was an ad hoc mixture of mostly known facts relating to past and present events surrounding the formation of a shadow government of the United States and extensive positive information about President Bush and the Bush family.

David Booth fittingly begins his book with the words, “Once upon a time….”, in an apparent gesture acknowledging his ‘liberal’ use of other peoples works in his book.

There exist numerous online articles detailing the exact specifics regarding the accusations of plagiarism such as:

The fundamental ‘flaw’ in any accusation of plagiarism against David Booth rests on two very solid ‘foundations’ that support him.

The first is David Booth’s opening statement,

“For those of you who are looking for the ultimate truth, fully documented, referenced, and without error, the ‘ultimate’ book of truth….keep looking…”

pg 5 Code Red: The Coming Destruction of the United States, 2004, © 2004, David Booth, Long Trail Acres Publishing.

The second rests with Fair Use copyright law, which in part states:

"Editing, cropping, morphing, and other transformations of underlying content are a common practice in multimedia productions. Among the bundle of exclusive rights is the right to create a derivative work. A derivative work is based upon one or more pre-existing works."


"Copyright law permits an author access to the copyright protected expression of another author’s work when creating a new work so long as the new work is not substantially similar to the earlier work." (

In the above referenced article, “David Booth’s Book Found Almost Totally Plagiarized”, the author in fact states:

“I found that, starting at page 10, the first half of the book is a compilation of articles, located on the internet, attributed to various authors. None of the articles were attributed to David Booth. It appears that whoever "wrote" this book, took the material from a range of different online sites which included everything from encyclopedia entries to material from NASA.


Most of the pages in the book that match are verbatim to what is found on the net. There are sometimes slight variations in the book where a sentence is left out or something is added to the beginning or end of the article found on the internet."


The book appears to be a "cut and paste" job. That said, whoever did the "editing" in putting these articles together did so in an informed and deliberate manner, connecting the random pieces together to form a coherent whole.”

Notice how strange it is that the article writer who states that David Booth plagiarized his book then lays out the same truth that he had in that the book was in every way fully compliant with the law.

A reading of the associated articles/information in the book show clearly that Booth included various, numerous and dissimilar works from a number of sources in order to put them together in a manner, and to reach a conclusion, that they could not have reached by any other means thereby creating a unique work that though supported by its numerous ‘parts’, by themselves could not have achieved the unique goal Booth accomplished in putting this information together.

The logical question having to be asked then is why David Booth didn’t defend his book; it would seem at first glance. But, and as always seems to be the case with David Booth, what at first appear to be objective facts fall by the wayside when put under the light of scrutiny.

The controversy surrounding these baseless allegations has had the effect of keeping David Booth in the ‘limelight’ instead of causing him any public damage, and I believe that this was intended and indeed even orchestrated. What remains shrouded are all of the reasons for this being so.

Lost in the muddle of all of these events was what David Booth's book was intended to be, and to quote him:

“When you first opened this book I told you I was going to tell you a story, and that’s what I’ve done to the best of my ability. But in listening to my story you’ve also put yourself on another path, one less, way less, traveled by your fellow human beings. The information I’ve put in my story are all true facts, but less known than maybe those you’ve been used to hearing. Most people can’t or won’t believe facts anymore unless they’ve heard them from the popular newspapers, radio, or television outlets utilized for indoctrinating the masses. And that’s pretty sad isn’t it?”

Putting everything about David Booth in any sort of ‘order’ can’t be done at this time because this ‘story’ is still playing out. What can begin to be glimpsed however is that whoever David Booth is, and who the powers behind him and against him are, this a remarkable saga worthy of any researchers time and effort.

Very rarely in human history do figures like David Booth arise, and I can’t find any other way to say that. Just listening to his voice strikes a chord of meaning in anyone who has heard him. But, are his efforts (and by extension those who support him) for human good or evil?

At this point in time all the evidence points to the good, but I’m personally still reserving my opinion, as you know I don’t believe in an ultimate type of god figure.

I know too that I have left out a number of other issues, Fatima being one, but these are currently still playing out and based upon the clues David Booth has given already I don’t think it will be to long before we’re all shaken to the core.

So in my last few words, here is what I believe is true. I believe that David Booth sometime prior to 1979 acquired the ancient art of scrying (scrying is the name given to the ancient technique of gazing into an object such as a crystal ball (or skull) for the purposes of divination). After releasing his first prediction I believe he became a part of a more powerful organization. Since 1979 I believe he has accumulated a complete chronicle of all future events dealing with he terms ‘the last days’.

I believe that beginning with his first book the releasing of this information began. I believe that between the dates of April 20th and May 20th a ‘select’ group of people were ‘admitted’ to a ‘school’ to begin their ‘lessons’. I believe that he is protected by a group or organization more powerful than any one single government.