by Peggy M. Sanders

from OrientalInstituteComputerLaboratory Website

This update focuses on the architectural components of the Giza pyramids. Peggy Sanders, an independent computer graphics specialist with Archaeological Graphics Services, continues to build the three-dimensional model of the Giza Plateau and its architecture. Since February 1997, the model is being constructed on a Dell OptiPlex GXpro, 200MHz with 128 MB RAM, using AutoCAD Release 14.

Construction of the Giza model continues under the direction of Dr. Mark Lehner. At the Oriental Institute periodically as a visiting professor, Dr. Lehner now heads up AERA, Ancient Egypt Research Associates, based in Boston, Massachusetts. Among its many goals is an interactive model of the Giza plateau.

One by one, each of the architectural models is being created with accurate, three-dimensional details from published maps, survey, and excavation reports. Models have now been completed for the following monuments: Khafre Mortuary Temple, Khafre Valley Temple, the Sphinx Temple; Menkaure Mortuary Temple, Menkaure Valley Temple; the interior chambers of the Khafre and Menkaure pyramids, and the interior chambers and temples of the Queens' pyramids for both the Khafre and Menkaure pyramids.

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Sphinx Temple

Wireframe and Shaded Models





Khafre Pyramid Complex

Wireframe and Shaded Models




Khufu Pyramid Complex

Wireframe and Shaded Models



Menkaure Pyramid Complex

Wireframe and Shaded Models




Giza Plateau