by Steve Pavlina
May 20, 2011
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What does it mean to wake up and become more conscious?

Let me share some perspectives that should make it easier to understand the process of waking up.




The Cellular Perspective

From the cellular perspective, you can see yourself as an individual person interacting with other individuals.


Youíre like a single cell in the larger body of humanity, which is comprised of billions of other people-cells.

For example, I could say that Iím a guy (a cell) whoís dedicated to helping people (other cells) live more consciously. I may communicate with many people during my lifetime, but each person is a unique individual, so the impact is different for everyone. We may all be part of some larger body of humanity, but our interactions mainly occur at the individual cellular level.

This is similar to one of the cells in your body noticing the other cells around it and deciding to do what it can to be of service to those cells. It may help a lot of cells, but it still regards itself as an individual cell helping other individual cells.


And it wonít help all cells equally, nor could it do so even if it tried.




The Holistic Perspective

From the holistic perspective, you see yourself as an integral part of the universe as a whole.


The overall intent is to help universal consciousness grow and evolve, particularly the human consciousness of which youíre a part.

This would be like one of the cells in your body recognizing that itís part of a larger physical body, whereby it stops thinking of itself primarily as an individual cell and begins to see itself as being of potential service to the greater whole. Its fate isnít as important as the fate of the larger body.

So with this perspective, instead of thinking of myself as a guy who helps people live more consciously, I can see myself as a servant of humanity helping to create a more conscious humanity, or as a servant of universal consciousness itself.


My primary role here is to serve conscious evolution, which isnít necessarily whatís best for any particular individual human in the short term.




Other Perspectives

Of course there are other perspective too.


We could discuss identification with community, nation, all life, the cosmos, etc. These perspectives are equally valid, but exploring them would add complexity without adding much substance to the core ideas. So for now I want to keep this simple.

On the atomic side, youíre an individual, and other people are individuals too. On the holistic side, weíre all part of a greater whole.

Iím not suggesting that any one perspective is best. All of these perspectives are valid. But I will suggest that itís important to integrate the holistic perspective more fully into your life if you wish to experience a healthier flow of abundance.

ďWaking upĒ basically means that you consider and integrate the holistic perspective as part of your daily life.


Of course there are degrees of waking up, depending on how aware you are of the holistic perspective and how fully youíve integrated it into your life. In the same manner, the cells in your body may have varying degrees of awareness that they are in fact part of a larger human body.

Alternatively, to be ďasleepĒ is to be unaware of the larger holistic perspective. We could also define this behaviorally by saying that someone is asleep if theyíre aware of the holistic perspective, but they donít attempt to act congruently with it.


In terms of semantics, Iíd say that the first group is asleep, while the second group is trying to sleep.





At the individual level, fairness seems to be about equality.


But of course we donít see that much genuine equality in the world. Itís quite obvious that some individuals have more resources than others. Some people seem to be luckier too.

Does your own human body care about fairness when it doles out resources like oxygen and sugar to its individual cells? To an extent, sure. When resources are abundant, thereís plenty for all, but even then the distribution isnít perfectly equal. And when resources become scarce, the body will starve cells that are less important to its survival to divert more resources to the most crucial cells.

So the question is, are you an essential cell in the larger body of consciousness? Or are you superfluous?


WellÖ look at the resources that life sends your way.

  • Do you feel all your needs are well met - your physical needs, emotional needs, social needs, self esteem needs, etc?

  • Are you a highly self-actualized individual?

  • Or do you have strong unfulfilled cravings for things that are important to you?

  • Have you possibly given up on meeting some of your needs?

  • Are you flourishing or are you stuck?

If youíre struggling to get your needs met, thatís a hint and a half that life itself isnít particularly concerned with your well-being.


Donít fret though if this describes your situation. Itís a problem that can be fixed. Just donít try to fix it by clamoring and complaining - that doesnít work and will often backfire.

This may not seem fair, but in a way it is reasonable.


You may be a very nice, kind, and generous person, but if your focus is at the cellular level, youíre probably missing so much of the big picture that in the grand scheme of things, your contribution just doesnít matter that much, at least not from the perspective of universal consciousness.

You may be doing what could just as easily be done by someone else, which means youíre highly expendable. You may be playing follow the follower. You may be genuinely helping, but only at the cellular level.


You may be doing nothing much, which makes it easy to ignore you.

If you live in such a way that doesnít really contribute much, donít be too surprised if it seems like life is starving you for resources. After all, life doesnít need you as much if you arenít actively helping with its expansion and growth.

Consider the cells in your own body. You may scratch an itch on your arm and kill lots of cells in the process without even thinking about it. Individual skin cells just arenít that important to your overall survival.


But youíre less likely to scratch off a patch of critical brain cells.


A cut on your finger is no cause for alarm, but a cut on your eyeball is something youíd do more to avoid. Your body is even designed to protect some parts more than others. If something flies at your face, youíll automatically throw up your arms to protect your head. But you wonít normally use your head to protect your arms.

Do you think youíre among the critical humans that the larger body of humanity would move to defend and protect? Or are you among the sacrificial parts?




What Does Consciousness Want?

What do you want as a human being? Think about your goals, dreams, and aspirations for a moment.

Now consider what an individual cell in your body would want. It wants oxygen and sugar. It wants to eliminate waste. Is this on the same level as your goals? Do you aspire to breathe, eat, and take dumps as your primary goals for the year?

Hopefully not.

Now look at this from the other side. From the perspective of the consciousness itself, your human-level dreams and goals seem petty. Itís important to keep people happy to an extent, but the fate of any one human is largely insignificant. Universal consciousness really doesnít care if you have a job or an income, if you get the house you want, if you have a good relationship or not. It doesnít care if you get laid or remain a virgin.

Well, it cares a little, but itís not a major concern, just as you arenít overly concerned about the fate of any individual cells in your body. Itís the bodyís overall status that matters. And you probably identify more with your mind (your collective cellular intelligence) as opposed to your physical body anyway.

Similarly, universal consciousness is more concerned with the evolution of consciousness itself (our collective consciousness) as opposed to the fate of any individual human or even of humanity itself. Now the loss of humanity would probably be a setback, but consciousness may eventually recover in other forms.

What does consciousness really want? Like you and like your individual cells, it wants to get its needs met, and it wants to grow and evolve. But the level on which itís capable of doing this goes way beyond what youíre capable of as an individual.

Look around at all the amazing - and accelerating - achievements of consciousness. Itís expanding in many directions simultaneously. Consider whatís evolving on earth. Humanity itself is becoming smarter and faster and more connected. And itís having some health issues to deal with as well.


And consciousness wants to keep going.




Living Small or Living Large

You can spend your life fussing over your own piddly cellular needs, but in the grand scheme of things, it wonít be anything to write home about.


No matter what you do or donít do as an individual, itís just not going to matter that much. The same can be said of any cell in your body. At the individual level, a single cell isnít particularly important.

Imagine asking a cell in your body what heís doing with his life, and he talks about the Bloodstream Marketing course heís taking and how excited he is about all the extra sugar heíll earn from his efforts. Oh boy!

But will his efforts pay off? Probably not. If he isnít getting his needs met, thereís probably a good reason for it. The larger body will see that his needs are well met if thereís a good reason to do so. Otherwise it will divert resources where theyíre needed.

This is how silly we humans appear to universal consciousness. It still cares about us and wants to see us happy for the most part, but it finds our cellular perspective to be rather limiting. If you push to get your individual needs met, but you do so in ways that the larger body doesnít care about or which may interfere with its bigger plans, it will either ignore you, or it will swat you down like a mosquito.

Imagine if a cell in your body said, I just want to eat food and reproduce like crazy. That might seem fun from his perspective, but then the larger body has a tumor to deal with. Send in the white blood cells.

If you feel like some greater force keeps knocking you back down every time you try to get ahead, youíre not imagining it.


It really is knocking you back down, and it will continue to do so until you stop trying to get ahead like a cancer cell would. Have you ever noticed, for instance, that as soon as you try to make progress on cancer-like projects, you keep getting distracted, so your attention has to turn somewhere else?

Quite often we cry ďLife is so unfairĒ when from a larger perspective, itís a no brainer that life is either going to ignore us or attack us.


Humanityís white blood cells will come after us and make life unpleasant for us when we forget that weíre part of a larger whole and that its well-being is more important than our individual well-being.

Now imagine if an individual cell in your body said to you,

ďWait a minute. I get it. I may be just a tiny cell, but Iím a part of this whole body. Thatís cool. Is there anything I can do to help?Ē

What would you say to it?


You might wonder what one conscious cell could do for your whole body. Not much most likely. But then you might think, What if this cell could wake up many others, and what if those cells could awaken still more? Eventually you could have a body filled with cells that were aware of the whole body and seeking to serve it. This would fix a lot of your problems.


Youíd have much better health for starters. Cancer wouldnít be able to take root. Most diseases would be eradicated easily. Youíd always be able to maintain your ideal weight.

So you might tell that one conscious cell,

ďGo around and wake up more cells. Gather them together. Then weíll talk.Ē



Being a Conscious Human

A conscious cell is aware of the whole body and realizes that the body matters more than any individual cell.


The cells are there to serve the evolution of the body and mind, not merely themselves. Thereís obviously a connection between the good of the cells and the good of the body, but itís easier to have a healthy body if on some level, the cells are aware that the bodyís health is more important than their own. A cell that works against the health of the body is a disease cell.

A conscious human being is aware of the larger body of humanity and has a sense of a greater consciousness thatís unfolding and evolving at a much higher level than any individual human can.

There is value in the lower level perspective. Itís not a perspective to ignore but rather to integrate with the holistic perspective. For example, through relaxed meditative breathing, we can connect with the lower level perspective of our own cells. Breathe in. Breathe out. Weíre getting plenty of oxygen. Life is good. This cellular level perspective can help to ground us.


Many meditations are essentially about tuning back in to this cellular perspective, while other meditations involve expanding to a more holistic perspective. The ideal is to be able to consider all of these perspectives as valid.

If our cells arenít healthy, our bodies canít be healthy, and so humanity itself canít be healthy. And of course the opposite holds true as well.


But there are ways of meeting our needs on different levels that are in alignment with all of these perspectives, and there are other ways that are out of alignment.


To live consciously, we need to shift towards the ways that are in alignment, so we can meet our needs as we also meet the needs of the cells in our bodies and of the greater body of humanity.

Iím certainly not the first human being to have the experience of ďwaking upĒ and becoming aware of this.


Other conscious humans helped wake me up and continue to help me stay awakeÖ or to reawaken me when I lose that perspective. I also endeavor to do my part and help other people wake up to the realization that jobs and money and marriage and retirement just arenít that important.


There are more important things to attend to here. Meeting our cellular needs is still important, but we donít want to fuss at that level too much. We have more significant work to do here, and we could be experiencing life at a much higher level of existence.

Living your life as a part of humanity will take your experience to a level thatís far beyond life as an individual human being. Even if your intention is to help people, try expanding it to a vision of helping humanity, as if humanity itself is a conscious entity.


Itís a whole different level of being.

Now what Iím seeing is that the gathering phase is well underway. Many years ago, it seemed like conscious people were very isolated. Now theyíre coming together in bigger and bigger groups. Iím involved in multiple groups of this nature, and it seems like every few months Iím hearing about new groups forming.


The conscious humans are clustering, and these clusters are growing larger and more organized. Itís as if new organs are incubating with the larger body of humanity. Something is definitely happening, and itís a wondrous thing to behold.

Consequently, while I know some people are worried about where humanity is headed, Iím not worried at all. In fact, Iím excited about it. I have the privilege of being able to see what many of these conscious people are up to, and theyíre starting to create transformational ripples. If youíre reading this article, then these ripples have already reached you, and youíre being impacted by them.

Some conscious cells are still isolated, however. Others are in very small groups only. And of course there are lots of people who still primarily think at the cellular level (go Bloodstream Marketing).


But this is changing.

Perhaps the simplest way I can explain whatís happening is that humanityís Power has been increasing by leaps and bounds, and now its alignment with Truth and Love desperately need to catch up. Otherwise humanity will eventually crash and burn. For instance, the first atomic bombs were dropped only 66 years ago, yet now we must somehow ensure that theyíre never used on a global scale, not even 1000 years from now.


One serious mistake or lapse during any minute that we have nukes, and itís a major setback for us all. Thatís a tall order that cannot be satisfied at the cellular level of consciousness.


Weíve had too many close calls already (see the documentary Countdown to Zero for details on that). The larger body of humanity is aware of this challenge, and it recognizes that we need more people who are Truthful, Loving, and Powerful to deal with this existential threat.

Youíre going to start picking up on this at the individual level, if you havenít already. For instance, youíre going to feel far less tolerant of political leaders who lie to you. Weíre going to see different kinds of leaders emerge, the kinds of leaders we truly need in this day and age.


There are plenty of people like that, but in order for them to become popular enough, we just have to continue waking up more individual people. Once enough people are awake (or stop trying to sleep), weíll see some major shifts.


These shifts are already happening in the world of business, where popularity with the masses isnít as necessary.




The Flow of Abundance

What weíre seeing is that on some level, this higher consciousness is taking note of whatís happening, and it seems to be assisting and accelerating the process.


It wants human beings to wake up because a body of conscious cells can do much more than a body of unconscious ones. So if youíre concerned that there are too many crises in the world, recognize that thereís an upside. These major challenges are helping more and more people to finally wake up.


We canít even begin to address these challenges with cellular-level thinking, so we have to wake up in order to solve them.

Thereís a lot of rebalancing thatís occurring as universal consciousness and individual human consciousness communicate with each other about how to best meet each othersí needs. How can humanity continue to evolve and expand while keeping individual humans happy and healthy? For humanity to be at its best, enough individual humans need to be at their best as well.


Youíre going to see this reflected in your own life too, as you grapple with the challenge of how to serve some greater life purpose while also making sure your individual needs are satisfied.


In a way, youíre helping humanity experiment in order to find good solutions, which it can then spread to other cells. This is why cells like me feel an undeniable urge to pass on what weíve figured out thus far.

As Iíve seen in my own life, this higher level consciousness is clearly listening. Somehow it can perceive the level at which weíre thinking, and it responds in kind. If you keep thinking at the cellular level, this higher consciousness will keep trying to wake you up. You may lose your job and other possessions, for instance, until you finally realize that those things donít matter.


We have more important things to deal with right now.

Iím far from perfect in this area, but Iím gradually getting the hang of it. Iím noticing that whenever I slip back down to cellular level thinking, I get a good smackdown. I feel like everything slows to a crawl. And when I shift back up to a higher level perspective, itís like Iím back in the flow again. The phone rings with fresh opportunities, money just shows up, loving relationships flow into my life, and more.


 Fortunately perfection isnít necessary. We just have to shift the balance far enough to achieve critical mass.

For those who are stuck at the cellular level of thinking, I suspect that life is going to become increasingly difficult for you. Youíre going to see your worries, fears, and frustrations magnified.


Life will seem to be getting worse. It may seem like important aspects of society are falling apart around you. This is happening for a reason though. These old systems are going to be dismantled. Thatís actually a good thing. Theyíll be replaced with better things.

For instance, you may be worried about debt, either your own or your countryís or someone elseís. But from the larger perspective of humanity, debt is meaningless. Humanity really doesnít care if our financial system collapses or not. In fact, it may be better for it to collapse and be replaced by something else.


So if youíre really attached to the current system and the money in your bank, you may get scared.


But if youíre looking at the big picture, youíll probably feel excited instead.

Be willing to lose what doesnít matter, so we can all gain what does matter. Jobs donít matter, but creativity does. Paying our bills doesnít matter, but keeping our bodies healthy does. Getting good grades in school doesnít matter, but preserving and passing on our collective knowledge does. Start reorganizing your life around what matters, and be willing to shed what doesnít.

Try not to be too attached to remnants of the old cellular consciousness, like the money you have, the job you do, and the home you live in. The more you cling to those things, the more stressed out youíll be. Just notice that these are all artificial cellular level concerns.


Whatís important is that humanity is evolving in a very positive way. You can resist that change and see your old goals fall apart, or you can flow with it and actively participate in the process of change.

For those who are waking up, life is going to become much easier in a way. Your life will explode with opportunities to learn, love, share, and grow. The good stuff will come from your alignment with the expansion of universal consciousness. But itís important to keep the perspective of what really matters. Money doesnít matter. Bloodstream/Internet Marketing is pointless and shallow. Waking people up and consciously co-creating something amazing is what matters.

When you align yourself with this higher level consciousness, abundance will flow through your life with relative ease. However, this type of abundance will be universal level abundance, not human level abundance. It doesnít mean youíll necessarily have more money, a more luxurious home, or more possessions. That kind of stuff just doesnít matter and represents artificial needs, not real needs.


This level of abundance means that youíll be experiencing the benefits of being in a healthier body. Youíll get more of what really matters - more growth opportunities, more love, more joy, more inner peace.

Focus on your true needs. What do you need to feel abundant?

  • You need to keep your body healthy with healthy food, sunshine, and clean air and water.

  • You need a reasonable degree of safety.

  • You need love and belongingness.

  • You need self esteem.

  • You need an outlet for your creativity.

  • Your true needs are quite simple in fact, and theyíre easier to satisfy than your artificial needs.

  • You donít need the latest tech gadget.

  • You donít need a job or an income.

  • You donít need to get married.

  • You donít need to master Bloodstream Marketing.

Your artificial needs may not align well with humanityís larger concerns. But your true needs certainly do align. Itís in humanityís best interests to keep its best servants healthy, happy, and prosperous.


In that sense, if you dedicate yourself to serving this greater body, it will surely watch your back.




Aligning With Higher Level Desires

In order to tap into this greater flow of abundance, you have to tap into higher level desires.

First, recognize that your human level goals are beginning to bore you. No matter how important you try to make them, you canít get motivated to work on them. You just canít get that worked up about making money beyond a certain point.


People may tell you itís important to have specific financial goals, but when you try to do this for yourself, it makes you feel yucky inside.


You canít get motivated to work on those kinds of goals. They donít inspire you. And so you procrastinate and then beat yourself up. Itís time to end this cycle. Itís time to re-align your desires with something that actually matters to you. You can set better goals than the human equivalent of stockpiling oxygen and sugar.

Stop thinking about what you want for yourself as an individual. Start thinking about what you want for humanity as a whole.

In the past, you may have been hesitant to even think at that level.


Start thinking at that level now.

  • What do you want for humanity itself?

  • Where would you like to see this larger body go during your lifetime and beyond?

  • Do you want us to clean up the planet?

  • Explore outer space?

  • Improve our educational systems?

  • Stop fighting wars?

Let yourself dream about whatís possible for humanity. Notice that these dreams are much more impressive than anything you could possibly do as an individual.

  • Become a billionaire? Who cares?

  • Start a charity? Big deal.

  • Discover a new planet? Nice try.

When will you be ready to work on a real goal, a goal for humanity itself?




Receiving Guidance

The best part is that you donít even need to figure this out yourself.


All you need to do is wake up to this higher level perspective, and then simply ping this universal consciousness to tell it youíre awake and ready to serve. Ask it for guidance, and guidance will come.

Just be aware that universal consciousness is frakkin powerful. Itís way more powerful than human level consciousness. When you tap into this resource and align yourself with it, your life is going to speed up. At first it may seem like drinking from a firehouse. It will take some time to get used to it.

If you feel that the flow is too much for you, you can ask it to slow down. I do this all the time.


When Iím feeling overwhelmed, I say to the universe aloud,

ďOkayÖ this is too fast. Letís slow this down for a week or two and give me a chance to catch my breath.Ē

Then when Iím ready, I ask it to speed up again.

With practice youíll get used to this faster pacing. Youíll get used to things showing up when you need them. Youíll get used to experiencing synchronicities almost every day.

A synchronicity is no accident. Universal consciousness knows what you need, perhaps even better than you do. You really donít even have to ask for your specific needs to be met once you ask to be a better servant of humanity.

Lately Iíve been holding off on setting specific goals for myself. Instead Iíve been saying to the universe,

ďBring me what you want me to work on, and also please bring me whatever you know I need for optimal health, happiness, and flow.Ē

And then I do my best to remain open-minded and detached from outcomes.


I let the universal consciousness guide me instead of having to set specific goals and intentions. I still have an intention, but itís simply to do whatís best for humanity as a whole.

Partly Iím doing this because Iíve reached the point where any individual-level goal would bore me, and I wouldnít be able to motivate myself to work on it. I just donít care that much about oxygen and sugar to make it the central focus of my life.


So Iím willing to risk things like losing my money, losing my home, having my relationships disrupted, etc. just for the opportunity to see where this flow leads.


And yet somehow when I move past this fear of losing stuff, I seem to gain much more than I lose. As far as meeting my human needs goes, theyíre all nicely satisfied and then some.


Bloodstream Marketing just canít compare.




Effect on Relationships

When you begin to align yourself with the perspective of higher level consciousness, your relationships with other people will shift.


Try not to be too attached to what happens here. Your pairings with any one or more individuals arenít necessarily going to be stable. Itís how your relationships affect the whole of humanity that matters. What ripples are you and your relationships co-creating?

People who arenít compatible with this new perspective will fade from your life. At first you may fear that youíre going to end up alone, but thereís no cause for alarm. New relationships will come into your life, relationships with people who have a similar perspective. And these relationships will be much better for you than the old ones.


Theyíll help you hold the new perspective.

These new relationships will be different than what youíre used to, however. There will be less rigidity and more flexibility in this part of your life. Such relationships may defy traditional labels. You may feel a bit ungrounded in this new space. It takes time to get used to it.

Eventually youíll realize that happiness and love can come from anywhere. You may have your emotional needs met equally well by a long-time partner or with someone you just met. Universal consciousness will guide you to whatever it is that you need to sustain your emotional health, as long as you donít get too attached to how it shows up.


If you remain open and flexible, your emotional needs can be satisfied with relative ease.


Trust that universal consciousness knows just what you need, and it will deliver it right to you if youíre ready to accept it. Again, you donít even have to ask once youíre on this path. It will satisfy your emotional needs because doing so makes you a better servant. You canít serve humanity so well if youíre feeling lonely and disconnected.


Youíll be more motivated if you have love in your life, so love will be delivered unto you.

Compared to where I was a few years ago, my relationship life might seem a bit strange these days. I have many relationships that would be difficult to label, but they seem to be healthy and flourishing in ways that are hard to get my head around. I canít really define what they are, and I canít predict where theyíre going. But it seems like these connections are good and healthy for all involved.


My biggest relationship challenge is unloading the traditional-minded baggage that nudges me to lock down and label each relationship, so I can feel like I understand it. But whenever I fall into that pattern, things get worse, not better. Conscious relationships donít seem to like being locked down and labeled. They require more freedom and flow.

At first this sort of situation could make a person feel insecure. You may be accustomed to having a sense of security based on the stability of predictable interactions with people close to you.

However, when you align yourself with universal consciousness, youíre likely to move around a lot more relationship-wise. Youíre going to meet and interact with a lot more people than youíre used to. Your social life will be rich and varied. Your stability has to come from trusting that no matter where you are, your emotional needs will still be satisfied.


Youíll have the opportunity to share love, intimacy, affection, etc., and it can be more abundant than what you experienced at the individual level of being. I assure you that you wonít have to go it alone.


This isnít a lonely path - itís actually an incredibly social path.




Effect on Work

Your work life will be transformed as well.


Youíll probably need to stop thinking of your career in terms of having a stable job and earning a set income. Serving humanity requires a lot more flexibility and flow than a traditional job can provide. Thinking of starting or running a business is equally limiting. This is human level thinking. What does humanity need?

Humanity is more concerned with things like creativity, purpose, and expansion. It would love to see you contribute to the ongoing expansion and evolution of consciousness. Thatís what matters.


The other stuff is too trivial to fuss over.

I donít really have a job title. Sometimes I make one up like President or CEO when itís required for social convention, but the title is meaningless to me. When people ask me what I do for a living, I donít really know what to say. I donít do anything for a living. I just live. In certain situations I might say that Iím a blogger, author, or speaker, but thatís mainly what I say to people who are asleep and I donít have time to wake them up in that particular moment.


If Iím talking to someone whoís awake, then either they wonít ask such a silly question, or theyíll understand my honest answerÖ and theyíll probably share a similar feeling about job titles.

My business cards have the wrong address because I havenít updated them in 5 years. My website obviously isnít the prettiest one out there. Iíve never spent money to market or promote my website, book, or workshops. I donít think it would be a bad thing to do so; it just hasnít ever been necessary. Humanity takes care of all my marketing and does a better job than I could.

Last year I uncopyrighted all my blog posts and podcasts, so you have just as much ownership of this article as I do.


From a cellular level, that might seem like a foolish decision. But that isnít the level at which I made the decision. What does a copyright mean to humanity? Of course itís meaningless.


What would you think if one of your cells tried to patent the Krebs Cycle? Silly cellsÖ

Some people are repackaging and selling my work for money. Does that bother me? Of course not. Even though they may be operating at an individual level of consciousness, theyíre actually helping. Theyíre spreading ideas that humanity wants to spread; after all, humanity gave me those ideas to share in the first place. Theyíre doing exactly what theyíre supposed to be doing.


I think some of them have been donating back to me as well, since Iíve seen a modest increase in donations lately. But I didnít do this to get more donations. I did it because it should help the ideas spread and get more people thinking about living consciously. It really doesnít matter which humans get credit or make money from it.

I think my business actually works better because I donít manage it with a cellular mindset. Millions of people have been drawn to my work, and itís been translated into more languages than I can track. People keep sharing it, with or without my permission. New opportunities keep showing up. Money keeps flowing. Everything works. Well, aside from my web server, which I may have to upgrade yet again due to traffic growth.


But thatís a good problem to have, isnít it?

Why does my business work? Because itís not really a business. Itís a service, not primarily for individual humans, but for humanity itself. The purpose is to help enough people wake up and live more consciously, so that humanity itself may continue to survive and thrive. And by performing this service for humanity, it takes care of all my needs. Itís really good at it too.


I barely have to lift a finger to attend to such things. I rather appreciate that.

Individually speaking, there are some humans out there who donít particularly like my work. But thatís largely irrelevant because humanity as a whole has made it abundantly clear that it appreciates what Iím doing and wants to speed things along with further expansion. These days I largely ignore cellular level feedback because it comes from people at varying levels of wakefulness, so of course they wonít all agree.


But I pay close attention to feedback from universal consciousness, such as whether my life is flowing well or not. These days itís flowing amazingly well, so I figure Iím on the right track.

Is humanity making it abundantly clear that it appreciates what youíre doing? If not, any guesses as to why? Could it be that youíve been ignoring humanityís needs, and thus itís been ignoring your needs?


Try doing the opposite and see what happens. I think youíll like it.




Conscious Business

Recently Iíve been listening to an audiobook about the history of Google.


Google began as a fairly idealistic company with the grand mission of organizing and providing access to all the worldís information. Does that sound like an individual level goal or a goal for humanity itself?


Of course Google has since become a giant, besting all other search companies.


Interestingly, one of the reasons it succeeded is because it attracted some of the brightest minds in the world, people who were inspired by its mission and who would not have worked for the company if it was just about the money. You could say that humanity diverted the best resources to Google because Googleís mission served the 'best interests' of humanity...


In fact, Google has helped to create a smarter, more self-aware humanity.

Microsoft used to be a similar purpose-driven company, with the mission of putting ďa computer on every desk and in every home.Ē That was an expansive goal that served humanity. But a lot of people now believe Microsoft has lost its way, and sometimes it acts more like a cancerous tumor than a servant to humanity.


Do you believe that Microsoft is here to serve humanity, or mainly itself? Is it working with the expansion and evolution of humanity, or is it working against it? Probably a bit of both.


Hence its mixed results and recent stagnation. Microsoft needs a new mission that aligns with humanityís expansion. So far its current attempts at a new mission have been fluffy and noncommittal. It wastes too much energy on trying to defend its turf, failing to recognize that thereís only one turf, and it belongs to universal consciousness.


If you happen to work for Microsoft, do what you can to wake more people up within your company, and eventually the culture will shift, as will the companyís results.

The irony is that companies that care less about quarterly returns and more about service to humanity can often achieve amazing growth. Why? Because humanity wants those companies to succeed. It sends them whatever resources they need to succeed.

Notice which companies appear to be serving the expansion and evolution of humanity and which are only here to serve themselves and their stockholders.

  • If you were a genius, which kind of company would you want to work for?

  • If you were humanity itself, which companies would you support?

  • Which would you ignore?

  • Which would you wish to tear down or transform?

  • Now what kind of company do you currently work for?

* * *

Martin Luther King, Jr. said that we have guided missiles and misguided men.

Letís change that.

Guidance is available to you whenever you want.

You just have to be reasonably awake to receive it.

Then youíll have all the inspiration you could possibly want.